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An gong niu huang wan(PeacefulPalace Bovine Gall-stone Bolus) ---安宫牛黄丸

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【组成】  牛黄(一两)  郁金(一两)  黄连(一两)  朱砂(一两)  山栀(一两)  雄黄(一两)  黄芩(一两)  水牛角(浓缩粉一两)  冰片(二钱五分)  麝香(二钱五分)  珍珠(五钱)  金箔衣
【功用】  清热开窍,豁痰解毒。
【主治】  邪热内陷心包证。高热烦躁神昏谵语口干舌燥,痰涎壅盛,舌红或绛,脉数。亦治中风昏迷,小儿惊厥,属邪热内闭者。
【歌诀】  安宫牛黄开窍方,芩连栀郁朱雄黄,牛角珍珠冰麝箔,热闭心包功效良。 

PeacefulPalace Bovine Gall-stone Bolus -An gong niu huang wan

[SOURCE]: Treatise on Differentiation and Treatment of Warm-Diseases

[INGREDIENTS]:Bovine gall-stone lOOg,   Curcuma root lOOg,   Coptic root lOOg ,  Scutellaria root lOOg ,  Capejasmine fruit lOOg,   Cinnabar lOOg,   Realgar lOOg,  Rhinoceros horn lOOg,  Borneol 25 g,  Musk 25g,  Pearl 50g,  Gold foil (appropriate amount)

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the above-mentioned ingredients into fine powder, mix them with *honey to make into boluses, with each weighing three grams, coated with gold foil (or gold foil is not used for coating)enveloped with wax shell. Take one bolus each time with warm boiled water. For coma case, give nasal feeding, one or twice a day, twice to three times a day for critical cases. Half dose for chil­dren.

[EFFECTS]: Clearing away heat and toxins and sweeping away phlegm to clear orifice.

[INDICATIONS] Syndrome of heat-evil sinking into pericardium occurring in the course of warm-diseases of phlegm-heat covering the heart-orifice manifested as high fever, coma and delirium, or sturring of speech due to inflexible tongue, cold limbs, coma due to apoplexy, infantile convulsion due to interior blockage of heat-evil.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is representative formula for heat and toxins as well as phlegm to open the orifice. Bovine gall-stone can clearing away heat, toxins and phlegm to open the orifice and arrest wind to calm down consulsion. Musk opens orifices and awakens the mind. Both are principal herbs. Rhinoceros horn as the assistant herb clears the heart, cools the blood and eliminates toxins and helps principal herbs in clearing away heat in the pericardium; Coptic root, scutellaria root and capejasmine fruit purge the fire and toxin and induce the heat downward to assist the principal herbs in clearing away the fire-evil in the pericar­dium; Borneol and curcuma root assist musk to open the orifices and awaken the mind and resolve the turbid-qi with aromatic property. Cinnabar, pearl and gold foil are adjuvant herbs with the effects of tranquilizing the mind, and they help bo­vine gall-stone clear away the phlegm and toxins. Honey has the effect on harmo­nizing the stomach, playing the role of the dispatcher herb.  '

In clinical practice, this formula is used for coma due to phlegm-heat occur­ring most commonly in encephalitis B, epidemic meningitis, toxic pneumonia, toxic dysentery, uremia, cerebrovascular accident, toxic hepatitis, hepatic coma and others

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