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Ban xia hou po tang(Pinellia and Magnolia Decoction)---半夏厚朴汤

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【组成】  半夏(12g) 厚朴(9g)  茯苓(12g)  生姜(9g)  苏叶(6g)
【功用】  行气散结,降逆化痰。
【主治】  梅核气。咽中如有物阻,咯吐不出,吞咽不下,胸膈满闷,或咳或呕,舌苔白润或白腻,脉弦缓或弦滑。
【歌诀】  半夏厚朴痰气疏,茯苓生姜共紫苏,加枣同煎名四七,痰凝气滞皆能除。

Pinellia and Magnolia Decoction ban xia hou po tang

SOURCE: Synopsis of the Golder Chamber

[INGREDIENTS]:Pinellia tuber 12g,  Magnolia bark 9g,  Poria 12g,  Fresh ginger 15g,  Perilla leaf 6g

[DIRECTIONS] Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Activating qi and dispersing accumulation, lowering the adverse flow of qi and resolving phlegm.

[INDICATIONS]: Plum-core feeling in the throat manifested by a subjective sensation as if a plum-pit is stuck in the throat which can neither be thrown up nor swallowed down, or accompanied by stuffy chest and hypochondrium, or cough or vomiting, white and moist and greasy coating, slippery or string-taut pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula to treat plum-pit sensa­tion in the throat . Pinellia tuber in the formula is used as a principal herb to re­solve phlegm, disperse accumulation and harmonize the stomach and lower the ad­verse flow of qi. Magnolia bark lowers qi and relieves the sensation'of fullness and assists pinellia tuber in dispersing stagnation, soothing the chest and regulating the middle. Poria oozes dampness and invigorates the spleen and assists pinellia tuber in resolving phlegm. The two herbs are used as assistant herbs. Fresh gin­ger, pungent in flavor and warm in property, harmonizes the stomach and lowers the adverse flow of qi. Perilla leaf activates circulation of qi, soothes the liver and regulates qi by means of its aroma. These two herbs are adjuvant herbs.

Today this formula is often used for treatment of syndrome of phlegm accu­mulation due to qi stagnation occurring in hysteria, functional gastrointestinal dis­orders, spasm of esophagus, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis and others.

The formula is mainly composed of herbs which are puhgent and bitter in fla­vor and warm and dry in nature, so it is contraindicated in cases with insufficiency of yin-fluid or flaring of fire due to yin deficiency.

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