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BEC Bee Propolis (200 capsules)---蜂胶 (200粒)

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Bee Propolis   (NPN: 80015927)  200 capsules/ bottle 500 mg of 70% bee propolis: 1 capsule / day.
One capsule each day, to health
Bee propolis, also known as bee glue, is a brownish resinous substance collected by bees, mainly from poplar and conifer buds, and used to seal their hives. The antimicrobial properties of propolis keep hives free of germs. The bee glue includes 300 different natural ingredients. The main chemical classes found in propolis are flavonoids, phenolics and terpenes. A large number of studies have shown propolis to be highly antimicrobial. Propolis has a long history of use in folk medicine and was even used as an official drug in London in the 1600s.

Principal effects
Monograph of Health Canada:
Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health     Help relieve minor inflammations and sores of mucous membranes of the mouth   (such as canker sores)
Immune system enhancement: The bee propolis plays a role in the suppression and extinction of bacteria, fungus and virus. It comprises a precious, natural, broad-spectrum of antibiotics. The bee propolis can strengthen immune cell vigor, increase antibody quantity, and stimulate the gamma globulin activity. An experiment proved that, the bee propolis can effectively prevent many kinds of transmissible diseases, such as the common cold, pneumonia, enteritis and so on.
Prevention of cancerous tumor: The bee propolis can remarkably enhance the human immune system. The active material, like the yellow ketones, the polysaccharide in the bee propolis has the obvious inhibitory action to the cancer cell.  For the cancer patient who takes the bee Propolis, the cancer cell may be noticeably reduced, the cancer may be suppressed, and health may gradually improved.

Diabetes: The bee propolis has a marked impact for reducing blood sugar. The pancreas protein enzyme and other anti-virus compounds, included in the bee propolis, can rehabilitate the pancreas. Simultaneously vitamin B in bee propolis can become the raw material from which the pancreas can manufacture insulin. Cardiovascular diseases:

The flavonoids in the bee propolis has a very strong anti-oxident capacity: it can reduce blood fat, blood viscosity and improve the blood micro-circulation.  Therefore middle-aged persons and seniors who frequently take bee propolis, see the improvement in hypertension, heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

Digestive system diseases: The bee propolis can form a thin film that acts on the duodenal ulcer as an anti-inflamatory and it protects and promotes the renewal of the organization after injury.  After taking the bee propolis, the most patients’ pain stops rapidly and their symptom improve. The bee propolis has also a curative effect on oral cavity disease.

Skin diseases: The bee propolis has a strong antibacterial effect. It can rapidly stop bleeding and pain, improve the subcutaneous tissue blood circulation, urge the proliferation and the granulation grow of the upper cutaneous and promote the healing of injuries. Simultaneously, the bee propolis may provide nutrition for the skin, prevent chemical substance injury to the skin, acid and alkali injury and restore the skin’s immune system. 

Cosmetic effect: The bee propolis is a cosmetic product of high quality which may be taken orally or used externally. It activates cell metabolism, resulting in anti-aging.  Simultaneously, it can strengthen and promote the intestine’s wriggle, decompose the toxin of urine, promote the subcutaneous tissue blood circulation, nourish the flesh, decompose color spots and eliminate inflammation. The bee propolis readily cause the skin to be bright and clean with rich elasticity.

BEC Bee Propolis capsule:Content: 60 capsules per bottle & 200 capsules per bottle

Use suggested: Take 1 capsule per day.  

Ingredients per capsule: Bee Propolis Powder: 350 mg

Source material: Bee hive of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L..).

Non-medicinal ingredients: Magnesium stearate, Brown rice starch, Gelatin.

BEC蜂胶Bee Propolis)--神奇的天然抗生素,健康百利 规格:500毫克/粒 70%蜂胶,$9.00/60粒装和 $21.05/200粒装胶囊 用法用量:日服一粒

蜂胶(Bee Propolis)是蜜蜂采集自然界中胶源植物新生幼芽或树皮分泌的树脂,混入花粉等成份,转化形成的 一种天然复合物质。蜂胶含有二十余类、三百多种天然成份。 蜂胶的最大特点是含有丰富的黄酮类、萜烯类物质, 有“现代万能药”、“紫色黄金”等美誉。蜜蜂将蜂胶涂 布于整个蜂巢,使阴暗潮湿的蜂巢呈现无菌状态,保证花粉、蜂蜜、蜂皇浆不会腐坏,蜂群远离自然界的疾 病,故研究人员又称蜂胶是一种"神奇的天然抗生素"。

BEC蜂胶的医疗保健作用 (1)免疫增强剂 蜂胶对众多细菌、真菌、病毒具有抑制、杀灭作用,是一种珍贵的天然广谱抗生物质。蜂胶能增强免疫细胞活 力,增加抗体生成量,刺激丙种球蛋白活性。实验证明:蜂胶能有效预防感冒、肺炎、肠炎等多种传染性疾 病。 (2)抑制癌症肿瘤 蜂胶能显著提高人体自身免疫力,蜂胶中黄酮类、萜烯类、多糖等多种活性物质对癌细胞有明显的抑制作用。 癌症患者服用蜂胶,可明显减少癌细胞,防止癌细胞转移,体质逐步改善。 (3)糖尿病 蜂胶具有明显的降血糖功效,蜂胶中含有胰蛋白酶等多种活性酶和其他抗病毒物质,能修复胰脏机能,同时, 蜂胶中含有的B族维生素,能成为胰脏制造胰岛素的原料。 (4)心脑血管疾病 蜂胶中的黄酮类物质具有很强的抗氧化能力,可以减少过氧化脂质对血管的危害,降低血脂和血粘度,改善微 循环和血管的弹性和渗透性。因此中老年人经常食用蜂胶,对高血压、心脏病、动脉硬化很有好处。 (5)消化系统疾病 蜂胶能在粘膜上形成一层酸不能渗透的薄膜。这种薄膜作用于十二指肠溃疡,杀菌抗炎,保护和促进受损组织 更新,促使溃疡愈合。多数患者食用蜂胶后快速止痛,症状好转,胃酸趋于正常,胃分泌机能恢复正常。蜂胶 对口腔疾病也有很好的疗效。 (6)皮肤疾病 蜂胶抗菌消炎作用强,局部止血止痛快,能改善皮下组织血液循环,促使上皮组织增生和肉芽生长,促进伤口 愈合。同时蜂胶还可以营养皮肤,保护皮肤不受酸碱等化学物质伤害,恢复皮肤免疫功能。 (7)美容 蜂胶是一种既可服用又能外用的美容佳品,它对细胞代谢有活化作用,具有抗衰老功能。同时它能增强和促进 肠蠕动,中和或分解宿便中的毒素,促进皮下组织血液循环,营养肌肤,分解色斑,消除炎症,使肌肤红润光 洁,富有弹性。蜂胶健肤美容还可直接外用。

每粒蜂胶含500毫克, 70%蜂胶。


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