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BEC Collagen---胶原蛋白

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Collagen    $13.50CAD/60 capsules/ bottle 400mg, 2capsules daily. Each capsule contains 250 milligram collagen and 100 milligram horsetail extract.

The years do not leave marks
BEC Collagen is a polymer protein and is composed of triple helix fibers.  More than a third of the body's protein is collagen; indeed, Collagen constitutes 75% of our skin. Collagen is the fibrous protein constituent of skin, cartilage, bone, tooth, muscle and other connective tissue. Collagen acts as a scaffold for our bodies, controlling cell shape and differentiation.

Aging diminishes the amount of these tissues and proteins in the skin.  This causes the collagen to become increasingly fibrous and inelastic; the epidermis becomes thin and fragile, collapses, and develops wrinkles.  As collagen hardens and elastic tissues diminish, the skin loosens and lines and wrinkles form.  With less elasticity, collagen fibers thicken and stiffen, causing even more wrinkling and the appearance of aging. Therefore supplement collagen in vitro is an extremely important way to stop skin aging and to improve appearance.

Principal effects
Moisture-retaining and anti-wrinkle: the mysterious triple helix structure of collagen can lock in the water molecules. The massive amino acids in the collagen are a natural moisture-keeping ingredient. Collagen is necessary for skin growth, rehabilitation and nutrition. The supplement collagen maintains skin elasticity, smoothness and brightness. As a result, the skin will be exquisitely smooth, and wrinkles reduced.

Rehabilitation of the skin: The collagen treatment is suitable for facial wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, those between the eyebrows, between the nose and lip. It is also a suitable treatment for acne scars and premature aging brought on by disease, etc.

Hair shine and moisturization: The key to hair health lies in the nourishment of the subcutaneous tissue in the scalp at the hair foundation. Deficiencies in collagen can lead to the dehydration and breakage of the hair.

Natural, abundant chest: The plentiful breast depends, in a large degree, upon the organization support. Collagen is the principal  constituent in the knot organization. It can support the human body curve, creating the tall and straight carriage.

Firm skeleton: 70% - 80% of the organic matter in skeleton is collagen. When the skeleton is formed, sufficient collagen textile fiber must be synthesized in order to creat the skeleton’s frame.  Therefore, collagen is known as the skeleton’s skeleton.

BEC Collagen:Content: 60 capsules per bottle.
Use suggested: Take2 capsules per day
Ingredients per capsule:   250 mg fish collagen; 100 mg horsetail extract; 50 mg cellulose; Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

 BEC胶原蛋白60粒(Collagen)------岁月不留痕 规格:$13.50/60粒瓶,250mg/粒        用法用量:日服2粒 胶原蛋白是一种三螺旋形高分子蛋白质,占肌肤细胞蛋白质总量的70%以上,它与弹力纤维构成肌肤网状支撑 体,维持皮肤的弹性和活力,被称为“肌肤的支架”“肌肤的锁水因子”等。

胶原蛋白流失是皮肤产生皱纹、 老化的重要原因。 牛,羊或猪等动物的胶原蛋白量大价廉,不易吸收,且有携带疯牛病或口蹄疫病毒的风险。

胶原蛋白提取自鱼 类,采用现代生物科技精制而成,易吸收,食用安全每日两粒,补充流失的胶原蛋白,令您岁月不留痕,还您 二十岁!

 BEC胶原蛋白(Collagen) 是一种高分子蛋白质, 它由三股螺旋形纤维所构成, 是皮肤结构的最基本支柱。它 存在于人体皮肤、骨骼、牙齿、肌腱等部位, 占人体蛋白质 总量的30%以上,主要生理机能是做结缔组织的粘 合物质。

在皮肤方面 胶原蛋白占肌肤细胞中蛋白质含量的71%以上,它与弹力纤维合力构成网状支撑体, 提 供真皮层安定有力的支撑。 随年龄增长,人体内的胶原蛋白会逐渐流失,网状支撑体渐渐变厚变硬、失去弹性,真皮层的弹性与保水度降 低,皮肤便会失去弹性并变薄老化,同时导致真皮的纤维断裂、脂肪萎缩、汗腺及皮脂腺分泌减少,使皮肤出 现色斑、皱纹等一系列老化现象显出老态。因此从体外补充胶原蛋白,是抵抗皮肤衰老、美容的一个非常重要 的途径。

美容功效 胶原蛋白是皮肤最重要的营养要素,它神奇的“三螺旋”结构令细胞变得丰满,强力锁水保湿,使皮肤呈现丰 润、水嫩光滑、紧实而富有弹性。25岁后持续补充易流失的胶原蛋白,能有效延缓皮肤的老化和皱纹的形成, 留住青春和美丽。

润泽发甲 头发的健康关键在于头发基础头皮皮下组织的营养,缺乏胶原蛋白,头发干燥分叉,灰暗无光泽;指甲容易断 裂。

自然丰胸 挺拔丰满的乳房很大程度上依靠结缔组织的承托,胶原蛋白是结缔组织的主要成分,它能承托人体曲线,体现 挺拔体态。

坚固骨骼 骨骼中有机物的70% - 80%是胶原蛋白。骨骼生成时,首先必须合成充足的胶原蛋白纤维来组成骨骼的框架。因 此,有人称胶原蛋白为“骨骼中的骨骼”。


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