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BEC Multi-vitamins active+ ---加强型多维

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Multi-Vitamins Active+    $22.00 CAD/300capsules/bottle 850mg 1capsule/day

Vitamin is a class of organic compounds necessary to maintain human health, promote growth and development and regulate physiological functions. These compounds are present in natural foods. In general, the body can not synthesize or synthesize small amount of these compounds which can not meet the human need. According to authoritative survey, the majority of Chinese people can not provide some of the vitamins and minerals. It is relatively common that they miss calcium, iron, vitamin A, B2, zinc, selenium, vitamin B1, vitamin C. It is necessary that they take nutrient supplements.

In the case of malnutrition, it is often a lack of vitamins, so multi-vitamins should be added. If you add only one vitamin, it would interfere with the absorption and metabolism of other vitamins and minerals. But if it’s obvious that you are lack of certain vitamins, you should add a single species.
Multivitamins on the market are divided into vitamin B, multi-vitamins C, multi-vitamins and so on. BEC multi-vitamins are the most comprehensive multi-vitamins. In addition to supply B vitamins (the ingredients and dose are similars to vitamin B complex), they provide also vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and iron, iodine, copper , manganese, zinc, calcium, etc. As a comprehensive supplement, it has the vitamin B’s effect as of the gastrointestinal protection, resistance to fatigue. By supply other micronutrients, it prevent and treat other nutrients deficiency such as vision loss and dry skin caused by vitamin A lack; bleeding gums caused by vitamin C deficiency and so on. The mineral materials supplied by multi-vitamins form the body. It also regulate the body's acid-base balance and neuromuscular excitability.

BEC multi-vitamins active+ advantages:
In comparison with several other common multi-vitamins, BEC multi-vitamins active+ has the following advantages:
1. It has thirty-eight ingredients, but other brands of multi-vitamins have only thirty ingredients. Therefore it is the most nutrients comprehensive supplement;
2. It contains a higher vitamin B12, selenium, sulfate, alum, choline bitartrate, inositol, methionine. Vitamin B12 helps the development and maturation of red blood cells and helps the nervous system functioning; Selenium protect vision and eye. It conserve liver function, protect the heart and reinforce immune function and anti-aging; Alum is very popular bodybuilding supplements, because they can make the muscles more full, and so on.

Content: 300 tablets per bottle
Use suggested: Adults, take 1 tablet 1 time per day with food. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

Ingredients per tablet:


3333 IU / 500 EAR

Vitamin A  (Palmitate)

566 IU / 170 mcg EAR

Vitamin B1  (Thiamine)

0.34 mg

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

0.34 mg

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine-5-phosphate)

3.4 mg

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

70 mcg

Vitamin C (Potassium ascorbate)

21.0 mg

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

400 IU / 10 mcg

Vitamin E (dl-α-Tocopheryl acetate)

7 IU / 3.4 mg  AT

Folate (Folate)

70 mcg

Niacin (Niacin)

3.4 mg

Niacinamide (Niacinamide ascorbate)

3.4  mg

Pantothenic acid (d-Calcium pantothenate)

1.38 mg

Choline (Choline)

34.0 mg

Inositol  (Inositol)

17.0 mg

L-Methionine   (L-Methionine)

17.0 mg

Calcium  (Calcium carbonate)

125 mg

Chromium  (Chromium chloride)

43 mcg

Copper  (Cupric citrate)

2.0 mg

Iodine  (Potassium iodide)

100 mcg

Iron (Ferrous fumarate)

6.7  mg

Magnesium (Magnesium oxide)

51 mg

Manganese (Manganese citrate)

2.0 mg

Molybdenum (Sodium molybdate)

6.7 mcg

Potassium (Potassium chloride)

33.8 mg

Selenium (Sodium selenate)

68 mcg

Vanadium (Vanadium citrate)

100 mcg

Zinc (Zinc citrate)           

13.4 mg


Non-medicinal ingredients:  Citrus bioflavonoids, Kelp powder, Magnesium stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Rutin powder, Sodium carboxymethyl starch.

BEC Multi-vitamins active+ 加强型多种维生素
/ $22.00 850mg 日用量:1粒,进餐时服用,若服用其他药物,中间间隔半个小时.

加强型多种维生素-- 维生素是维护人体健康、促进生长发育和调节生理功能所必需的一类有机化合物。这些化合物都存在于天然食物中,一般在体内不能合成或合成量较少,不能满足需要。据权威部门调查,我国多数人日常饮食不能均衡提供某些维生素和矿物质,缺钙、铁、维生素A和维生素B2 比较普遍,缺锌、硒、维生素B1、维生素C 也很常见。因此有必要服用营养补充剂。
市场上的多种维生素分为复合维生素B,复合维生素C,复合维生素等等。复合维生素是最全面的一种产品,除了供给B 族维生素外(所供成分、剂量与复合维生素B相似),还提供维生素A、维生素C、维生素D、维生素E,以及铁、碘、铜、锰、锌、钙等。作为一种综合性的补充剂,复合维生素除有复合维生素B保护胃肠,抵抗疲劳的功效外,还通过补给肌体其它的微量营养素,更好地预防和治疗更多的营养素缺乏病,如维生素A缺乏引起的视力减退、皮肤干燥;维生素C缺乏引起的牙龈出血、抵抗力下降等。复合维生素制剂供给的矿物质除了作为机体的原材料外,还能调节人体酸碱平衡及神经肌肉的兴奋性。


2. 含有较高的维生素B12,硒,硫酸岩,酒石酸氢胆碱,肌醇,蛋氨酸.维生素B12帮助红细胞的发育和成熟,帮助神经系统功能健全;硒保护视力与眼球,养护肝脏功能,保护心脏与免疫抗衰老; 岩为非常流行的健美补充剂,因为可以使肌肉更为饱满等等.

名   称每粒Vitamax复合维生素中的含量
胡萝卜素(Beta Carotene ) 3333 IU (国际单位)
维生素A (Palmitate) 566 IU(国际单位)
维生素B1 (Vitamin B1) 0.34 mg (毫克)
维生素B2 (Vitamin B2) 0.34 mg
维生素B6 (Vitamin B6) 0.34 mg
Niacin 3.4 mg
维生素B12 (Vitamin B12) 70 mcg
维生素C (Vitamin C) 21.0 mg
维生素D (Vitamin D) 400 IU
维生素E (Vitamin E) 7 IU
叶酸 (Folic Acid, or Vitamin B9) 70 mcg (微克)
Niacinamide 3.4 mg
泛酸 (Pantothenic Acid, or Vitamin B5) 1.38 mg
L-Methionine 17.0 mg
(Calcium) 125 mg
(Iodine) 100 mcg
(Magnesium) 51 mg
(Iron, Ferrous Fumarate) 6.7 mg
(Copper) 2.0 mg
(Zinc Citrate) 13.4 mg
(Manganese) 2.0 mg
Inositol 17.0 mg
(Potassium) 33.8 mg
(Chromium) 43 mcg
(Molybdenum) 6.7 mcg
(Selenium) 68 mcg
Choline 34.0 mg
(Vanadium) 100 mcg

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