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BEC Slimform CLA---瘦身美形胶嚢

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Slimform CLA (NPN: 80022077)    $24.00CAD/120 capsules/bottle 1000mg , 2capsules / time, twice / day.
Slim and beautiful, fat becomes muscle!

 Obesity affects not only the appearance of human beings, but also leads to hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, cancer and other modern chronic diseases.
The latest slimming product proposed by the company BEC: SlimForm CLA is currently the only certified formula for weight loss by Health Canada. It is a secure product without side effects. It is an ideal product to lose weight healthily.

The new concept of thinness promoted by BEC SlimForm CLA can not only remove the excess fat but also the fat in muscle, so you acquire a body thin and beautiful.
The main components of BEC SlimForm CLA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid - linoleic acid, extracted from 100% natural plants. After a scientific treatment, the molecular structure is isomerized to obtain new substances with special organic effects - CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, CLA). Many clinical medicine have shown that CLA can eliminate excess body fat and simultaneously convert fat into muscle. It can increase the ratio of muscle and fat in the body, ensuring that fat does not reappear. In addition, CLA may enhance the activity of enzymes that burn fat, while reducing the activity of lipoprotein lipase of fat deposition in the body. Thus it plays a role in reducing fat.
The Health Product office of Health Canada suggests that daily doses of 3-5 grams of CLA. In combination with exercise and diet, BEC SlimForm CLA can reduce body fat, giving your body a beautiful figure.

Monograph of Health Canada
* May help to support a modest improvement to body composition when used with a program of reduced intake of dietary calories and increased physical activity. 
* May help to support a modest reduction in fat mass when used with a program of reduced intake of dietary calories and increased physical activity.
Mainfeatures of BEC SlimForm CLA:
Sole certified formula for weight loss by Health Canada:scientific organizations authorized by Health Canada showed that it is safe and without side effects.
New concept of health slimming turn fat into muscle while ensuring that the fat does not return:its excellence in weight loss is due to the fact that it converts fat into muscle. Normally, people tend to reduce "weight" but not "fat". But the ratio of fat does not change. BEC Slimform CLA can reduce the ratio between fat and muscle, thus truly reducing fat.
BEC Slimform CLA may prevent the reoccurrence of obesity. People taking the pill are able to escape the vicious circle obesity: going from fat to thin, only to return from thin to fat .
A natural source, high content of effective ingredient:
BEC Slimform CLA is extracted from 100% natural plants. Its actual content is very high, 800 mg per capsule. It is 60% higher than similar product.
BEC SlimForm CLA
Specifications: 120 capsules per bottle.
Suggested use: Two capsules each time, twice a day.
Ingredients per capsule:
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) 800 mg            Source material:derived from processed sunflower oil.
Non-medicinal ingredients: Gelatin.

 加拿大BEC瘦身美形胶囊    120粒/ 瓶  $24.00   1000毫克/ 粒 120粒/ 瓶  每日2次,每次2粒。 肥胖不仅影响人体外形的美观,也是导致高血压、糖尿病、心血管疾病、骨关节炎和癌症现代慢性疾病的罪魁祸首。
 我们BEC公司最新推出的Slim Form CLA瘦身美形胶囊,是目前加拿大卫生部唯一认证的安全减肥配方,无任何毒 副作用,为健康减肥的理想产品。
BEC Slim Form 瘦身美形胶囊所倡导的健康瘦身美形新概念,不仅可以减掉多余的脂肪,而且还能把脂肪转化成肌肉,使你重新拥有苗条、健美的身材。
该产品的主要成分是从100%天然植物中萃取的一种多元不饱和脂肪酸-亚油酸,经科学加工处理,使其分子结构发生异 构化,从而获得具有特殊生物功效的新的物质-共轭亚油酸(Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA)。大量的临床医学证 明,CLA不仅能够消除人体内多余的脂肪,而且能把脂肪转变为肌肉,增加机体内肌肉对脂肪的比例,消除脂肪,保持 不反弹。 另外,CLA能增加使脂肪燃烧的脂肪酶的活性,而同时降低使脂肪在体内沉积的脂蛋白酶的活性,从而起到减 少脂肪的作用。
加拿大卫生部保健品局建议,每天服用3-5克CLA,结合适当的运动锻炼和节制饮食,可以减少体内脂肪量,优美体 形。 BEC瘦身美形胶囊的主要特点: • 目前加拿大卫生部唯一认证的安全减肥配方   经加拿大权威机构科学认证,使用安全,无任何副作用
• 健康减肥新概念,将脂肪转化为肌肉,减肥不反弹: 它在体重控制上的卓越表现是能将脂肪转化为肌肉。一般人减肥都只会着重在减“重”而非减“肥”,而体内脂肪比率不一定会有改变。而服用BEC瘦身美形胶囊,则可降低体内脂肪组织相对于肌肉组织的比率,真正的减掉肥肉。 瘦身美形胶囊还能避免减肥者出现反弹症状,使减肥者不至于陷于体重减而复胖,胖而复减的恶性循环中。 • 源自天然,有效成分含量高: 瘦身美形胶囊100% 纯天然植物萃取,其有效成分含量高达每粒800mg,比同类产品高出60%。

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