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Bi xie ( Sevelobed Yam Rhizome/Dioscoreae Tokoro)---萆薢 (Powder100g/bottle)

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It is dried Rhizome of Dioscorea hypoglauca Palibin . or Dioscorea. septemloba Thunb. or D.futschauensis Uline ex R.Kunth, family Dioscoreaceae. It is harvested and collected in the autumn and winter seasons. The fibres are removed, and it is cut into pieces, and dried in the sunshine. The raw form is used as a medicine.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Bitter and neutral; relate to the kidney and stomach meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Eliminate dampness and turbidity; expel wind-damp.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 9-15g. It is used for oral use. Mian-Bixie is good at expelling wind-dampness, fen-Bixie is good at eliminating dampness and turbidity.

Clinical Applications]: 1. Creamy stranguria, whitish turbid urine, and leucorrhea. This medicinal is the main one for treating turbid stranguria. In treating creamy stranguria, due to damp-turbidity in lower energizer, maifesting as whitish turbid urine, it is combined together with Shichangpu, Wuyao and Yizhiren, such as , in the Bixie Fen Qing decoction. To treat brown and whitish-turbid urine, due to damp-heat in baldder, it can be combined used with Huangbai, Shichangpu and Fuling. For leucorrhea, due to profuse dampness, it is used with Fuling, Baizhu and Yiyiren.

2. Bi-Syndrome with wind-dampness. In treating inflexibility of joints due to Bi-Syndrome with wind-cold-dampness, it can be used with Fuzi, Qianghuo, Duhuo; for swelling and pain of joins due to Bi-Syndrome with wind-damp-heat, it is often used with Sangzhi, Qinjiao, Yiyiren.

萆薢为薯蓣科植物绵萆薢 Dioscorea septemloba Thunb.、福州薯蓣D. futschauensis Uline ex R.Kunth或粉背薯蓣D. hypoglauca Palibin的干燥根茎。前两种称“绵萆薢”,主产于浙江、福建;后一种称“粉萆薢”,主产浙江、安徽、江西、湖南。秋、冬二季采挖。除去须根,洗净,切片,晒干。生用。
【药性】苦,平。归肾、胃经。        【功效】利湿去浊,祛风除痹。       
【应用】        1.膏淋,白浊。本品善利湿而分清去浊,为治膏淋要药。用于膏淋,小便混浊,白如米泔。常与乌药、益智仁、石菖蒲同用,如萆解分清饮《杨氏家藏方》;亦可用治妇女白带属湿盛者,与猪苓、白术、泽泻同用。       
2.风湿痹痛。本品能祛风除湿,通络止痛。善治腰膝痹痛,筋脉屈伸不利。若偏于寒湿者,可与附子、牛膝同用,如萆薢丸《圣济总录》;属湿热者,则与黄柏、忍冬藤、防己等配伍用。        【用法用量】煎服,10~15g。   【使用注意】肾阴亏虚遗精滑泄者慎用。       
 【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主腰背痛,强骨节,风寒湿周痹,恶疮不瘳,热气。”       
 【现代研究】        1.化学成分:萆薢含薯蓣皂苷等多种甾体皂苷,总皂苷水解后生成薯蓣皂苷元等。此外,还含鞣质、淀粉、蛋白质等。       
3.临床研究:据报道, 单用萆薢一味,碾粉,口服,治疗高脂血症, 疗效显著 。(上海中医药杂志,1988,8:4)。       

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