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ChiShíZhi (Red Halloysite)---赤石脂

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Product Description

It is the mineral of silicate salt of polyhydrate kaolinate group, containing mainly hydrated Aluminum silicate. It mainly contains Al4(Si4O10) (OH)84H2O. The medicinal material is collected all year around. After the impurity is removed, it is ground in powder and refined with water or calcined for medication.

[Medicinal Properties]: Sweet, sour, astringent and warm; relate to the large intestine and stomach meridians.

[Medicinal Efficacies]: Astringe the intestine to stop bleeding; promote tissue regeneration and healing of wounds.

[Clinical Applications]

  1. Chronic diarrhea and dysentery It can be applied for prolonged and uncontrollable lingering diarrhea and dysentery, rectocele, it is usually used together with Yuyuliang, such as in the formula Chishizhi Yuyuliang Decoction; In treating dysentery caused by cold and deficiency, endless pus and blood in the stool, it is often combined with Ganjiang Jingmi, such as in the formula Taohua Decoction. 

       2. Metrorragia and metrostaxis, bloody stool, leucorrhea For metrorragia and metrostaxis, it can be used in combination with Haipiaoxiao and Cebaiye, such as in the formula Zi Xue Decoction; for bloody stool, hemorrhoids, it can be used in combination with Yuyuliang, Longgu, Diyu; It can also be used to treat leukorrhagia with bloody discharge due to kidney deficiency, uncontrolled by belt vessel, together with Lujiaoshuang and Qianshi. 

       3. Unhealed chronic ulcer It can treat unhealed chronic ulcer with rupture, it is together with Longgu, Ruxiang, Moyao, Xuejie, which are ground into powder for applying on the ulcer; in addition, it can also be applied externally for skin pyogenic infection and traumatic bleeding.

[Usage and Dosage]: 10-20g.The appropriate amount is used for external use. Ground into powder or mixed up for applying on the affected area.

[Precautions]: It is contraindicated in those patients with dysentery due to stagnation of dampness and heat. It should be used with great caution when treating pregnant women. It is incompatible with Rougui.

赤石脂为硅酸盐类矿物多水高岭石族多水高岭石,主含含水硅酸铝〔Al4(Si4O10) (OH)8'4H2O〕。主产于福建、山东、河南等地。全年均可采挖。拣去杂石。研末水飞或火煅水飞用。

【应用】        1.久泻,久痢。本品甘温调中,味涩质重,入于胃肠,长于涩肠止泻,尚可止血,为久泻久痢,下痢脓血之常用药物。治泻痢日久,滑脱不禁,脱肛等证,常与禹余粮相须为用,如赤石脂禹余粮汤(《伤寒论》);若虚寒下痢,便脓血不止者,常与干姜、粳米同用,如桃花汤(《伤寒论》)。       
【用法用量】煎服。10~20g 。外用适量。研细末撒患处或调敷。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主泻痢,肠澼脓血,下血赤白。”      
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品主含含水硅酸铝,尚含相当多的氧化铁等物质。       
 3.临床研究: 取赤石脂、白及,用量按1:1比例配制,温开水调成糊状空腹服用。治疗上消化道出血40例,总有效率95%(浙江中医杂志,1991,6:247)。复方石脂片(赤石脂、枯矾、天仙子)治疗慢性腹泻35例,总有效率为943%(中西医结合杂志,1984,4,3:146)。取赤石脂、冰片,用量比例为10:1,将二药分别研细末。外敷,治烧伤(四川中医,1985,8:53)。       

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