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Chuan xiong cha tiao san(Tea-Blended Ligusticum Powder )---川芎茶调散

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【组成】  川芎(12g) 荆芥(12g)  白芷(6g)  羌活(6g)  甘草(6g)  细辛(3g)  防风(4.5g) 薄荷(12g)
【功用】  疏风止痛。
【主治】  风邪头痛。偏正头痛或巅顶作痛,恶寒发热目眩鼻塞舌苔薄白,脉浮者。
【歌诀】  川芎茶调散荆防,辛芷薄荷甘草羌,目昏鼻塞风攻上,正偏头痛悉能康。
Tea-Blended Ligusticum Powder chuan xiong cha tiao san

[SOURCE]: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary

[INGREDIENTS]:Chuanxiong rhizome 12g ,  Schizonepeta 12g ,  Dahurian angelica root 6g,  Notopterygium root 6g,   Roasted licorice 6g ,  Asarum herb 3g,   Ledebouriella root 4. 5g ,  Peppermint 2. 4g ,  Tea 3g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECT]:Dispelling wind to relieve pain.

[INDICATIONS]: Exogenous attack of wind manifested by headache, migraine, or parietal headache, aversion to cold, fever, vertigo, stuffy nose, thin and white coating, floating pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a key formula for treating headache due to wind evil. Chuanxiong rhizome is good at treating headache of the Shaoyang and Jueyin Meridians (i.e. parietal headache or amphicrania) ; notopterygium root is good at treating headache of the Taiyang Meridian (i. e.occipit headache invol­ving nape) ; dahurian angelica root is good at treating headache of the Yangming Meridian (i.e. frontal headache) . They all act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, asarum herb is to dispel cold for stopping pain and it is good at treating headache of the Shaoyin Meridian; peppermint can refresh the head and disperse wind-heat; schizonepeta and ledebouriella root can dispel the upper wind. They help the main herbs strengthen the effect of dispelling wind to stop pain and also relieve the exterior. Licorice is to harmonize all the components; With bitter flavor and cold nature, tea is to refresh the head and restrict the properties of warmth, dryness and dispersion possessed by the wind-herbs. Both of them act as the adju­vant and dispatcher herbs.

This formula can be applied to headache due to either wind-cold or wind- heat. However, most of the herbs in this formula are to dispel wind and cold and to release the exterior with their pungent flavors and warm natures, it is more suitable to headache caused by exogenous cold. Especially, to wind headache, proper modifications are based on the different conditions of cold or heat.

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