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Copy of Baibu (Stemona Root)---百部 (POWDER100g/bottle)

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It is the dried root tuber of Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.)Miq.,Stemona japonica (BI.)Miq. or Stemona tuberosa Lour.,family Stemonaleae. The root tuber is dug and collected in spring and autumn. After the fibrous roots are removed, they are washed clean and boiled for a while or steamed till the interior is not white and then they are dried in the sunshine and cut into segments. The raw or stir-baked with honey are used.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet, bitter and slightly warm; relate to lung meridian.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Moisten lung and relieve cough, kill lice and worms.

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Acute or prolonged cough, whooping cough, cough caused by pulmonary tuberculosis        For cough due to wind-cold, it is combined with Jingjie, Jiegeng and Ziwan in Zhisou Powder; for prolonged cough, it is decocted alone to thick decoction for oral adminstration; for whooping cough, it is used with Sharen, Chuanbeimu and Baiqian; for cough due to pulmonary tuberculosis, with Maidong, Shengdihuang and Shanyao.

2. Enterobiasis, head louse, body louse, scabies        For enterobiasis, 30g of raw Baibu is decocted into 30ml of thick decoction, with which enema is given to patients before they sleep on five successive days; 20% alcohol extract or 50% decoction can also be applied on anus and around it. For head louse, body louse and scabies ,20% ethyl alcohol extract or 50% decoction of Baibu can be applied on the affected parts.

In addition, fresh Baibu is useful to treat urticaria, dermatitis, tinea corporis and mosquito and insect bites by applying and rubbing skin lesions with its newly-cut surface.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 3-9g. It is used externally with appropriate dosage. The stir-baked with Honey are used to treat prolonged cough and dyspnea of deficiency type.

百部为百部科植物直立百部Stemona sessilifolia(Mig.)Mig.蔓生百部S.japonica(BL.) Miq.或对叶百部S.tuberosa Lour.的块根。主产于安徽、江苏、湖北、浙江、山东等地。春、秋二季采挖,除去须根,洗净、置沸水中略烫或蒸至无白心,取出,晒干,切厚片生用,或蜜炙用。

       【药性】甘、苦,微温。归肺经。        【功效】润肺止咳,杀虫灭虱。       
【应用】        1.新久咳嗽,百日咳,肺痨咳嗽。本品甘润苦降,微温不燥,功专润肺止咳,无论外感、内伤、暴咳、久嗽,皆可用之。可单用或配伍应用。治风寒咳嗽,配荆芥、桔梗、紫菀等,如止嗽散(《医学心悟》);久咳不已,气阴两虚者,则配黄芪、沙参、麦冬等,如百部汤(《本草汇言》);治肺痨咳嗽,阴虚者,常配沙参、麦冬、川贝母等。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《名医别录》:“主咳嗽上气。”       
 2.《药性论》:“治肺家热、上气咳逆,主润益肺。”        3.《日华子本草》:“治疳蛔及传尸骨蒸,杀蛔虫,寸白、蛲虫。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含多种生物碱:如百部碱、百部定碱、原百部碱、次百部碱、直立百部碱、对叶百部碱、蔓生百部碱等,还含糖、脂类、蛋白质、琥珀酸等。       
 3.临床研究: 现代临床以本品为主,配黄芩、丹参,治肺结核,对痰菌转阴及病灶的吸收均有一定疗效,治百日咳痉咳期效果较佳;百部用白酒浸泡成百部酒,涂搽患处,能痒止疹退(北京中医杂志,1983,4:643);以苦参百部汤(炙百部、苦参子、甘草)口服,治疗梨形鞭毛虫病15例,全部治愈,无发生任何不良副作用(福建中医药,1984,4:143);

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