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Da bu yin wan (Major Yin-Replenishing Pills) ---大补阴丸(原名大补丸)

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【组成】  熟地黄(18g)  龟版(18g)  黄柏(12g)  知母(12g)
【功用】  滋阴降火
【主治】  阴虚火旺证骨蒸潮热盗汗遗精咳嗽咯血,心烦易怒,足膝疼热,舌红少苔,尺脉数而有力。
【歌诀】  大补阴丸知柏黄,龟版脊髓蜜成方,咳嗽咯血骨蒸热,阴虚火旺制亢阳。

Major Yin-Replenishing Pills da bu yin wan

[SOURCE]: Danxi"s Experiential Therapies

[INGREDIENTS]: Phellodendron bark(parched) 120g,  Anemarrhena rhizome( Macerated in rice wine and then parched) 120g,  Prepared rhizome of rehmannia(steamed in rice wine) 180g,  Tortoise Plastron(backed with honey to crispy) 180g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the four ingredients into fine powder, make bolus of the powder with the paste of steamed spinal cord of pig and honey. Each bolus weights 9 grams, one bolus is taken each time with warm boiled water or slightly salty water, twice a day. Or the herbs of the original recipe can be decocted in wa­ter for oral administration with the dosage in proportional to that of the bolus.

[EFFECTS] Nourishing yin and lowering the fire.

I[NDICATIONS]: Syndrome of flaming up of deficiency-fire due to yin deficien­cy of the liver and kidney manifested by hectic fever, night sweat, seminal emis­sion, cough hemoptysis, irritability, hot and sore knees and feet with flaccidity, red tongue with little coating, rapid and forceful pulse in chi region.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula that nourishes yin to lower the fire. This formula is created by and basing on Zhu Danxi,s theory that “Yang is usually abundant, while yin insufficient”. With large dosage, prepared rhizome of rehmannia is taken to nourish genuine-yin; Tortoise plastron enriches water to control the fire. These two ingredients work as the principal herbs. Phel­lodendron bark with bitter flavor and cold property, invigorates yin and purges the ministerial fire; Anemarrhena rhizome nourishes the kidney, moistens dryness, clears the lung and purges the fire. When they are used together, they will lower the fire to avoid consumption of yin, and are considered to be the assistant herbs. As excipients, the spinal cords of pig and honey both possess sweet and moist property and not only tonify the essence, but are able to restrict the overdryness and bitterness of the first two herbs in the recipe, and they are adjuvant and dis­patcher herbs. The combination of all the berbs attains the result of nourishing yin to lower the fire.

This formula can be used for hyperthyroidism, renal tuberculosis, bone tuber­culosis and diabetes that pertain to syndrome of flaming up of fire due to yin defi­ciency.

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