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Da xian xiong tang(Major Decoction for Chest Congestion )---大陷胸汤

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Major Decoction for Chest Congestion Da xian xiong tang

【SOURCE】:Treatise on Cold-Attack

【INGREDIENTS】:Rhubarb lOg, Mirabilite 12g, Powder of kansui root 1. 5g

【DIRECTION】: Decoct rhubarb in water first and then dissolve mirabilite in de­coction. The powder of kansui root is put in before decoction is prepared. It has to be stopped taking immediately when purgation is achieved.

【EFFECT】:Purging heat and water.

【INDICATIONS】: Blocked-up chest syndrome manifested by constipation for five or seven days, dryness of tongue with thirst, fullness, pain and tenderness of epigastrium, shortness of breath, fidget, mild tidal fever in afternoon, deep, tight and forceful pulse.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: This is a drastic formula for purging heat and water. As the main herbs, kansui root, with the bitter flavor and cold nature, pur­ges water and heat drastically so as to induce water and heat evils out through urine and stool; being bitter flavor and cold nature, rhubarb purges and clear the neat evil. Mirabilite as the assistant herb purges heat and soften hardness to resoive mass.

In the present clinic, this formula is commonly applied to acute edematous pancreatitis, acute intestinal obstruction with the above-mentioned symptoms. 


Minor Chest-Congestion Decoction xiao xian xiong tang ---小馅胸汤
【组成】  黄连(6g)  半夏(12g)  栝蒌实(20g)  


【功用】  清热化痰,宽胸散结。  


【主治】  痰热互结证。胸脘痞闷,按之则痛,或咳痰黄稠,舌苔黄腻,脉滑数。  


【歌诀】  小陷胸汤连夏蒌,宽胸开结涤痰优,膈上热痰痞满痛,舌苔黄腻服之休。 


[SOURCE]:Treatise on Cold-Attack

[INGREDIENTS]:Coptis root 6g,  Pinellia tuber 12g,  Trichosanthes fruit 30g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

[INDICATIONS: Syndrome of phlegm and heat blocking the chest marked by stuffy chest with pain when pressing, or cough with thick yellow phlegm, yellow­ish and greasy coating of tongue and slippery and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:Trichosanthes fruit as a principal herb in the for­mula clears heat and phlegm, relieves the blockage of the chest. Coptis root purges fire and heat to relive epigastric stuffiness. Pinellia tuber lowers adverse qi and re­lieves flatulence of epigastric accumulation. These two herbs are used together as adjuvant herbs. Combination of the two herbs has the effects of pungent opening
and bitter descending and is effective for treating accumulation of phlegm and heat. This formula is only composed of three herbs, but it shows masterly choice of herbs, and is an excellent one to treat accumulation of phlegm and heat with pain in the chest and abdomen.

This formula is indicated to syndrome characterized by accumulation of phlegm and heat in epigastric region, epigastric pain when pressing. It is a milder syndrome comparing to syndrome of accumulation of water and heat in the chest and abdomen for Major Chest-Congestion Decoction marked by fullness, stuffi­ness, pain and tenderness in the area from the epigastrium to the lower abdomen, thus the name of formula is termed Minor Chest-Congestion Decoction. Major Chest-Congestion Decoction composed of mirabilite, rhuarb and kansui root is the formula to remove water retention by drastic purgation. It is a formula to clear away heat and phlegm. In clinical practice it can be used for exudative pleurisy, bronchitis manifested as accumulation of phlegm and heat. 






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