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Dang gui bit xue tang(Chinese Angelica Blood-Tonifying Decoction)--- 当归补血汤

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【组成】  黄芪(30g) 当归(6g)
【功用】  补气生血。
【主治】  血虚发热证。肌热面红,烦渴欲饮,脉洪大而虚,重按无力。亦治妇人经期、产后血虚发热头痛,或疮痒溃后,久不愈合者。
【歌诀】  当归补血东垣笺,黄芪一两归二钱,血虚发热口烦渴,脉大而虚宜此煎。

Chinese Angelica Blood-Tonifying Decoction dang gui bit xue tang

[SOURCE]: Differentiation on Indigenous and Exogenous Diseases

[INGREDIENTS]: Astragalus root 30g,  Chinese Angelica 6g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Replenishing qi and engendering the blood.

[INDICATIONS]: Syndrome of internal injury due to over-exertion manifested by fever with flushed face, extreme thirst and desire for drinking, surging pulse. It is also used for menorrhagia, postpartum fever due to blood deficiency with head­ache of unhealing abscess.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a representative formula for tonifying qi and engendering the blood. Based on the hypothesis of that “The visible blood originates from the invisible qi",astragalus root is used for tonifying qi of the spleen and lung, protecting the surface of human body so as to prevent qi col­lapse. It also invigorates the middle-jiao to aid the source of growth and transfor­mation, which means “Yin grows while yang germinates”and obtains the result of replenishing qi to promote blood formation. Thus it is considered to be a princi­pal herb. Chinese angelica root as an assistant herb for nourishing blood and har­monizing the nutrient qi makes qi attach to the blood. When qi is in rich, the blood will germinate, deficiency heat will disappear.

As to fever with headache due to irregular menstruation, of postpartum blood deficiency, this formula is taken to replenish qi, and nourish the blood to eliminate fever. For unhealing abscess, it is used for strengthening the genuine-qi, expelling poison and promoting granulation.


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