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Di huang yin zi(Rehmannia Decoction) ---地黄饮子

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组成】  熟地黄(12g)  巴戟天(9g)  山茱萸(9g)  石斛(9g)  肉苁蓉(9g)  附子(炮,6g) 五味子(6g)  官桂(6g)  白茯苓(6g)  麦门冬(6g)  石菖蒲(6g)  远志(6g)

【功用】  滋肾阴,补肾阳,开窍化痰。
【主治】  喑痱。舌强不能言,足废不能用,口干不欲饮,足冷面赤,脉沉细弱。
【歌诀】  地黄饮子山茱斛,麦味菖蒲远志茯,苁蓉桂附巴戟天,少入薄荷姜枣服。

Rehmannia Decoction di huang yin zi

[SOURCE];Formulae and Expositions

[INGREDIENTS]:         Prepared rehmannia root , Morinda root,  Dogwood fruit , Dendrobium stem,  Desertliving cistanche , Schisandra fruit,  Cinnamon bark , White poria , Ophiopogon root , Prepared aconite , lateral root , sleaved sweetflag rhizome, Polygala root (With equal dose respectively)

[DIRECTIONS ] Decoct the above herbs in water with proper dose of fresh gin­ger, Chinese date and peppermint for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Nourishing the kidney-yin, tonifying the kidney-yang, resolving phlegm to open orifice.

I[NDICATIONS]: Aphasia and paralysis with dry mouth but no desire for drink, deep, thread and feeble pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a key formula for treating aphasia and paral­ysis. Prepared rehmannia root and dogwood fruit can replenish the kidney-yin; de­sertliving cistanche and morinda root can warm and tonify the kidney-yang. They act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, prepared aconite lateral root, cinna­mon bark warm the primordial yang to receive the floating yang;ophiopogon root, dendrobium stem and schisandra fruit nourish and astringe the yin-fluid. All the a- bove herbs can make yin to match with yang. Grassleaved sweetflag rhizome and polygala root, as the adjuvant herbs, can harmonize the heart and kidney as well as resolving phlegm to open orifice. Small amount of fresh ginger, Chinese date and peppermint act as the dispatcher herbs to harmonize the nutrient and defensive qi. Though this formula can treat both the upper and the lower, both the “branch”and the “root”,the emphasis is laid on the lower and the “root”.

After all, this formula is warming and tonifying, so it is not advisable to apply it to syndrome due to hyperactivity of the liver-yang.

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