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Ding chuan tang(Asthma-Relieving Decoction )---定喘汤

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【组成】  白果(9g)  麻黄(9g)  苏子(6g)  甘草(3g)  款冬花(9g)  杏仁(9g)  桑白皮(6g)  黄芩(6g)  半夏(9g)
【功用】  宣肺降气,清热化痰
【主治】  哮喘。咳嗽痰多气急,痰稠色黄,微恶风寒,舌苔黄腻,脉滑数。
【歌诀】  定喘白果与麻黄,款冬半夏白皮桑,苏杏黄芩兼甘草,外寒痰热喘哮尝。

Asthma-Relieving Decoction ding chuan tang

[SOURCE]: Wonderful Formulae for Everyone’s Life-Preserving

[INGREDIENTS]:Gingko-nut(crushed and parched them into yellow) 9g,  Ephedra 9g,  Perilla seed 6g,  Licorice root 3g,  Coltsfoot flower 9g,  Bitter apricot kernel 9g,  Mulberry bark 9g,  Scutellaria root 6g,  Pinellia tuber 9g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct all the herbs listed above in water for oral administra­tion.

[EFFECTS]: Dispersing the lung to lower adverse flow of qi and expectorating phlegm to relieve asthma.

[INDICATIONS]: Internal accumulation of phlegm-heat with the attack of  wind-cold on th exterior manifested by aversion to cold, fever, profuse yellowish and viscid phlegm, cough, asthma, yellow, greasy coating of the tongue, slippery, rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a effective formula for treatment of internal accumulation of phlegm-heat with the attack of wind-cold on the exterior. Ephedra in the formula relieves the exterior syndrome by its pungent and warm properties and disperses the lung to relieve asthma, while gingko-nut astringes the lung to stop cough and resolves phlegm to relieve asthma. The two herbs work in combi­nation to reinforce asthma-relieving effect as well as preventing ephedra from con­suming the lung-qi so as to gain the result of both astringency and dipersion, and they are principal herbs. Perilla seed, bitter apricot kernel, pinellia tuber and colts­foot flower are- used as assistant herbs with the effects of lowering adverse flow of qi to relieve asthma and, resolving phlegm to relieve cough. Mulberry bark and scutellaria root as the adjuvant herbs clear away lung-heat to relieve cough and asthma. Licorice root moderates the properties of all the other ingredients in the formula and has the effect of resolving phlegm, playing role of dispatcher herb.

Today this formula is usually for treatment of internal accumulation of phlegm-heat with the attack of wind-cold on the exterior involved in chronic bron­chitis, bronchial astham and asthmatic bronchitis.

This formula and Minor Blue Dragon Decoction both can be used to treat asthma caused by internal accumulation of phlegm-heat with the attach of wind- cold on the exterior. However, the former is concurrently in charge of clearing away phlegm-heat, the latter particular stressed on warming and resolving cold fluid-retention.

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