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Duzhong (Eucommia Bark)---杜仲

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This medicinal is the dried bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.(Fam.Eucomiaceae). It is harvested between April and June. After removal of its bark, it is piled for sweating out until the interior layers appear purplish-brownish and then it is dried by natural sunlight . It is utilized in its unprocessed or stir-baked with salt water form.

[ Medicinal Properties]: Sweet, warm; relate to liver and kidney meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Tonify kidney and liver; strengthen tendons and bones; prevent abortion.

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Syndrome of kidney deficiency, lumbago      It is good at treating lumbago and is especially able to treat that due to kidney-deficiency. In this case, it is used in combination with Hutaorou and Buguhi, as  in the Qing'e Pills. For lumbago with cold sensation due to wind-dampness, it is usually prescridbed with Duhuo and Sanjisheng, as in the Duhuo Jisheng Decoction. In cases of traumatic injuries, it is combined with Chuangxiong and Guixin. To treat menstruation Problems, this medicinal is combined with Danggui and Chuangxiong. For vertigo due to deficiency of liver-kidney yin and hyperactivity of liver yang, it is used in combination with Xiakucao and Sangjisheng. To treat impotence and frequent urination, due to deficiency of kidney-yang, it is often combined with Lurong and Shanyurou.

2. Treatened and habitual abortion    It is effective for threatened abortion, by itself, or used in combination with Sangjisheng and Xudua, as in the Duzhong Pills. For habitual abortion, it is often combined with Chuanduan and Shanyao.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 10-15g.

[ Precautions ]: Stir-baking enables the active ingredients of Duzhong to be activate by the process of destroying its gelatine content;  therefore the stir-baked form has a more powderful efficacy than the unprocessed form. Being a warm-tonic, it should be used cautiously  in cases of yin deficiency with efulgent fire.

杜仲为杜仲科植物杜仲Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.的树皮。主产于四川、云南、贵州、湖北等地。4~6月采收,去粗皮堆置“发汗” 至内皮呈紫褐色,晒干。生用或盐水炒用。

       【药性】甘,温。归肝、肾经。        【功效】补肝肾,强筋骨,安胎。       
【应用】        1.肾虚腰痛及各种腰痛。以其补肝肾、强筋骨,肾虚腰痛尤宜。其他腰痛用之,均有扶正固本之效。常与胡桃肉、补骨脂同用治肾虚腰痛或足膝痿弱,如青娥丸(《和剂局方》);与独活、寄生、细辛等同用,治风湿腰痛冷重,如独活寄生汤(《千金方》);与川芎、桂心、丹参等同用,治疗外伤腰痛,如杜仲散(《圣惠方》);与当归、川芎、芍药等同用治疗妇女经期腰痛;与鹿茸、山萸肉、菟丝子等同用,治疗肾虚阳痿,精冷不固,小便频数,如十补丸(《鲍氏验方》)。       
2.胎动不安或习惯堕胎。常以本品补肝肾固冲任安胎,单用有效,亦可与桑寄生、续断、阿胶、菟丝子等同用。如《圣济总录》杜仲丸,单用本品为末,枣肉为丸,治胎动不安;《简便单方》以之与川断、山药同用,治习惯性堕胎。        此外,近年来单用或配入复方治高血压病有较好效果,多与夏枯草、桑寄生、菊花等同用。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主腰脊痛,补中,益精气,坚筋骨,强志,除阴下痒湿,小便余沥。久服轻身耐老。”       
 【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含杜仲胶、杜仲苷、松脂醇二葡萄糖苷、桃叶珊瑚苷、鞣质、黄酮类化合物等。       

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