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Ejiao (Ass-Hide glue)---阿胶(powder100g/bottle)

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This medicial is the solid glue made from the hide of Equus asinus (family Equidae) after rinsing, plukcing, and stewing. It is named after Dong'E, a county of Shangdong Province, where the one produced is of the best quality. It is used in its unprepared form after smashing, or stir-baked with oyster shell powder or Puhuang into small glue-like balls.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet,meutral; relate to lung, liver and kidney meridians.

[ Medicial Efficacies ]: Tonify blood, nourish yin, moisten the dryness, stop bleeding .

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Blood deficiency syndrome    It is an essential medicinal for treating blood deficiency. It is better at treating bleeding due to blood deificiency and usually prscribed with Shudihuang, Danggui and Shaoyao, as in the Ejiao Siwu Decoction. For palpitations, fearful throbbing, knotted and intermittent pulse, due to deficiency of qi and blood, it is often prescribed with Guizhi and Gancao, as in the Zhigancao Decoction.

2. Hemorrhage   For bloody urine during pregnancy, it is baked by itself and ground into powder for oral administration. In cases of hematemesis and hemorrhage due to yin deficiency with blood-heat, it is combined with puhuang and Shengdihuang. To treat hemoptysis, it is used together with Renshen and Tiandong. Also, for metrorrhagia and metrostaxia due to blood deficiency or blood-cold, it may be used with Shudihuang and Danggui. To treat hemafecia or hematuria due to deficiency-cold of spleen qi, combined with Baizhu and Zaoxintu, in the Huangtu Decoction.

3. Yin deficiency with little phlegm, dry syndrome of lung heat with yindeficiency, manifested as dry cough with little phlegm, dry throat and bloody sputum, it is used in combination with Madouling, Niubangzi and Xingren. Yet, for syndromes of dryness injury to the lung manifesting as dry cough without sputum, dry nose and throat, it is combined together with Sangye, Xingren and Maidong.

4. Dysphoria and insomnia, clonic convulsions of the four extremities     In combination with Huanglian and Baishao, as in the Huaglian EJiao Decoction, it treats febrile disease with dysphoria and insomnia due to deficiency of kidney yin with exuberance of heart fire. For clonic convulsion of the four extremities in the advanced stage of febriledisease encompassing exhaustion of true yin and yin deficiency stirring wind, it is combined with Guijia and hen egg yolk, as in the Dadingfeng Decoction or Xiaodingfeng Decoction.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 5-15g, melted by heating for oral administration with water.

[ Precautions ]: It is sticky and greasy and may cause of dyspepsia; therefore, it should be administered cautiously for patient with weakness of spleen and stomach.

阿胶为马科动物驴Equus asinus L.的皮,经漂泡去毛后熬制而成的胶块。古时以产于山东省东阿县而得名。以山东、浙江、江苏等地产量较多。以原胶块用,或将胶块打碎,用蛤粉炒或蒲黄炒成阿胶珠用。

       【药性】甘,平。归肺、肝、肾经。        【功效】补血,滋阴,润肺,止血。     
   【应用】        1.血虚证。本品为血肉有情之品,甘平质润,为补血要药,多用治血虚诸证。而尤以治疗出血而致血虚为佳。可单用本品即效。亦常配熟地、当归、芍药等同用,如阿胶四物汤(《杂病源流犀烛》);若与桂枝、甘草、人参等同用,可治气虚血少之心动悸、脉结代,如炙甘草汤(《伤寒论》)。       
 【使用注意】本品粘腻,有碍消化。脾胃虚弱者慎用。        【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主心腹内崩,劳极洒洒如疟状,腰腹痛,四肢酸痛,女子下血,安胎。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:阿胶多由骨胶原组成,经水解后得到多种氨基酸:赖氨酸、精氨酸、组氨酸、胱氨酸、色氨酸、羟脯氨酸、天门冬氨酸、苏氨酸、丝氨酸、谷氨酸、脯氨酸、甘氨酸、丙氨酸等。       

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