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Er chen tang(Two Vintage Herbs Decoction )---二陈汤

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【组成】  半夏(15g)  橘红(15g)  白茯苓(9g)  炙甘草(4.5g)  乌梅(少许)  生姜(少许)
【功用】  燥湿化痰,理气和中。
【主治】  湿痰咳嗽。痰多色白易咯,胸膈痞闷,恶心呕吐,肢体倦怠,或头眩心悸舌苔白润,脉滑。
【歌诀】  二陈汤用半夏陈,益以茯苓甘草臣,利气和中燥湿痰,煎加生姜与乌梅。
Two Vintage Herbs Decoction( er chen tang)

[SOURCE]: Prescription of Peaceful Benevolent dispensary

[INGREDIENTS]:Pinellia tuber 15g,  Tangerine peel 15g,  Poria 9g,  Roasted licorice root 5g

[DIRECTIONS]: Add 3 grams of fresh ginger and a piece of black plum into the above formula and than decoct them in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Drying dampness and resolving phlegm, regulating qi and harmo­nizing the middle.

[INDICATIONS]: Syndrome of damp phlegm marked by cough with profuse white sputum expectorated easily, stuffy chest, nausea, vomiting, tireness, dizzi­ness, palpitation, whitish and moist coating of tongue and slippery pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a main formula for treatment of damp phlegm. Pinellia tuber in the formula being pungent in flavor and warm and dry in properties is used as a principal herb to strengthen the spleen and dry dampness, lower the adverse flow of qi, resolve phlegm and harmonize the stomach to stop vomiting. Tangerine peel as an assistant herb, with effects of regulating qi and dr­ying dampness, enables the qi to flow normally and gets the phlegm cleared. Act­ing as an adjuvant herb, poria strengthens the spleen and excretes dampness. When dampness is cleared, the spleen becomes healthy. Fresh ginger, being able to lower the adverse qi and resolve phlegm, not only reduce the toxic action of pinel­lia tuber, but also assist pinellia tuber and tangerine peel in activating qi and remo­ving phlegm, A little black plum is used to astringe the lung-qi, and the combina­tion use of pinellia tuber and black plum produces the double effects of both dis­persion and astringing. They are opposite and complementary each other, so that to remove phlegm without impairment of the genuine-qi. Roasted licorice root, as a dispatcher herb, coordinates the effects of the other herbs, moistens the lung and regulates the middle. The combination of the six herbs results in drying damp­ness, resolving phlegm, regulating qi and harmonizing the middle. It is better to use vintage pinellia tuber and vintage tangerine peel in the formula, thus named “Two vintage herbs”.

Today, it is usually used for chronic bronchitis, gastritis, Meniere’s syn­drome, neurogenic vomiting and other diseases manifested as damp-phlegm syn­drome in clinical practice.


(1) Phlegm-Conducting Decoction (Dao tan tang)---导痰汤

【SOURCE】: Effective Formulae for Women

【INGREDIENTS】:Pinellia tuber 6g ,  Arisaema with bile 3g,  Unripened bitter orange (stir-baking with wheat bran),  Poria 3g ,  Tangerine peel 3g,   Licorice root 2g,   Fresh ginger 10 pcs.

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration。

【EFFECTS】: Drying dampness,pression.

【INDICATIONS】: Syndrome of flooded phlegm-saliva marked by stuffy chest cough, nausea, poor appetite. It is also used for syndrome of liver-wind with phlegm marked by being unable to take food due to vomiting, dizziness, mouth, even phlegm-syncope, white and greasy coating of tongue, and taut slippery pulse. 

(2) Phlegm-Dispelling Decoction(Di tan tang)---涤痰汤

【SOURCE】: Life-Preserving Formulae

【INGREDIENTS】: Pinellia tuber (prepared with ginger) 8g,  Arisaema with bile 8g,  Tangerine peel 6g,  Unripened bitter orange 6g,  Poria 6g,  Ginseng 3g,  Grassleaved sweetflag rhizome 3g,   Bamboo shavings 2g,   Licorice root 2g,   Fresh ginger 5 pcs.,  Chinese dates 1 pcs.

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】:Clearing up phlegm to open orifice.

【INDICATIONS】: Syndrome of phlegm covering the heart-orifice in wind-stroke marked by aphasia and stiffness of tongue, turbid and greasy coating of tongue and taut pulse.

(3) Golden Water Six Gentlemen Decoction(Jin shuo liu jun jian)---金水六君煎

【SOURCE】: Jingyue‘ s Complete Works

【INGREDIENTS】:Chinese angelica root 6g ,  Prepared rehmannia root 6 to 15g,   Tangerine peel 5g,   Pinellia tuber 6g ,  Poria 6g,  Roasted licorice root 3g,  Fresh ginger 3 to 7 pcs. 

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

【INDICATIONS 】 Phlegm syndrome due to water flooding with yin deficiency of the lung and kidney marked by cough, nausea, asthma with profuse sputum, tired, soreness in the lower back, white and moist coating of tongue, and slippery and feeble pulse.

Notes: These four formulae mentioned-above are for drying dampness and re­solving phlegm. Among them,

Two Vintage Herbs Decocting is the main one, and  is also a basic one. Its modification can treat different kinds of phlegm syndromes except damp-phlegm.

Phlegm-Conducting Decoction is good at removing phlegm and activating qi, and its effects of drying dampness and resolving phlegm are stronger than those of Two Vintage Herbs Decoction. Thus, it is used for syn­drome of flooded phlegm-saliva and liver-wind syndrome complicated by phlegm.

Phlegm-Clearing up Decoction is good at clearing up phlegm to open the orifice, and it is effective for syndrome of aphasia due to wind-phlegm.

Golden Water Six Gentlemen decoction can nourish the lung and kidney, so it is indicated for accu­mulation of damp-phlegm with yin deficiency of the lung and kidney.

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