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FuXiaoMai (Light Wheat)---浮小麦

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It is the immature caryopsis of Triticum aestivum L.,family Gramineae. When harvested, the wheat is washed and the floated ones are selected to be fried in the sunshine. The raw or stire-baked form is used for medication.

[Medicinal Properties]: Sweet and cool; relate to the heart meridian.

[Medicinal Efficacies]: Strenghten superficies and arrest sweating; tonify healthy qi, eliminate heat.

[Clinical Applications]:

Spontaneous sweating and night sweating             The medicinal can be used individually in its parched form, it is ground into powder and taken with rice water orally. For spontaneous sweating due to deficiency of qi, it can be combined with Huangqi. Muli and Mahuanggen, such as in the formula Muli Powder. In cases of night sweating due to yin deficiency, it is usually used together with Wuweizi and Maidong. 

2.Hectic fever and overstrain-fever               In treating hectic fever and overstrain-fever, it is often used together with the medicinals that nourish yin and clear asthenia-heat such as Xuanshen, Maidong, Shengdihuang, and Digupi.

[Usage and Dosage]: 15-30g is used for oral use. Ground into powder 3-5g.

[Precautions]: It is contraindicated in those patients who have affected by exogenous pathogens accompanied with sweating.

[Annotation]:Xiao Mai              The medicinal is the mature caryopsis of Triticum aestivum L., family Gramineae. It is sweet and cold, and relates to the heart meridian. Its efficacies are to nourish the heart and eliminate emotional agitation. This medicinal is indicated for unpeaceful mind, restlessbess, insomnia, and emotional disturbance (lily syndrome) in woman. 30-60g is the dosage, it is made into a decoction and consumed orally.


浮小麦为禾本科植物小麦Triticum aestivum L.未成熟的颖果。各地均产。收获时,扬起其轻浮干瘪者,或以水淘之,浮起者为佳,晒干。生用,或炒用。

       【药性】甘,凉。归心经。        【功效】固表止汗,益气,除热。       
 【应用】        1.自汗,盗汗。本品甘凉入心, 能益心气、敛心液;轻浮走表,能实腠理、 固皮毛、为养心敛液,固表止汗之佳品。凡自汗,盗汗者,均可应用。可单用炒焦研末,米汤调服。治气虚自汗者,可与黄芪、煅牡蛎、麻黄根等同用,如牡蛎散(《和剂局方》);治阴虚盗汗者,可与五味子、麦冬、地骨皮等药同用。      
【用法用量】煎服,15~30g;研末服,3~5g。        【使用注意】表邪汗出者忌用。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《本草蒙鉴》:“敛虚汗”。        2.《本草纲目》:“益气除热,止自汗盗汗,骨蒸劳热,妇人劳热。”       
 【现代研究】        化学成分:本品主含淀粉及酶类蛋白质、脂肪、钙、磷、铁、维生素等。      
  附药 小麦        为小麦的成熟颖果。性味甘,微寒。归心经。功能养心除烦。治心神不宁,烦躁失眠及妇人脏躁证。 煎服,30~60g。

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