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g/bottleZhuling ( Polyporus )---猪苓(powder100g/bottle)

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It is the dried sclerotium of Polyporus umbellatus ( Pers) Fries, family Polyporaceae. It is mainly harvested, and collected in the Spring and Autumn, and then the earth is removed and it is cut into thick pieces and dried in the shade. The raw forms are utilized for medicine.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet, bland and neutral; relate to kidney and bladder meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Promote diuresis to drain dampness.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 6-12g is taken orally.

[ Medicinal Comparison] : Similarities: Fuling and Zhuling have the same properties of being sweet and bland in flavor, and have the same fuctions of promoting diuresis to drai dampness. They are both good at treating retentio of water and dampness syndromes.
Difference: Fuling , it has the function of tonifying and draining, and it is able to treat any kind of edema, despite the cause, such as, cold or heat and deficiency or excess. It can invigorate the spleen, calm the heart and sedate the mind. It is able to treat different syndroes due to spleen deficiency, as well as, plapitation, insomnia. Zhuling, it does not have the action of tonifying. It only has the function of promoting diuresis to drain dampness.
[ Clinical Applications ]: Dysuria, edema, diarrhea, turbid stranguria, leucorrhea      It can treat for any above conditions, due to stagnation of water and dampness. It is often combined together with Fuling as mutual reinforcement medicinal, such as to treat dysuria and edema, it is often combined with Fuling, Guizhi and Baizhu , such as in formula Wuling Powder. In case of dysuria due to accumulation of water and heat, it is combined with Fuling, Zexie and Ejiao, such as in the Zhuling Decoction. To treat edema and diarrhea, due to spleen deficiency with profuse dampness, it is used together with Fuling, Baizhu and Zexie, such as in the siling Powder. For stranguria with astringent pain during urination, due to damp-heat, it is utilized together with Mutong, Huashi and Shengshudi, such as in the Shi Wei Dao Chi Powder. When treating leucorrhea due to damp-heat, it is combined together with Cheqianzi and Huangbo.
猪苓为多孔菌科真菌猪苓Polyporus umbellatus(Pers.) Fries的干燥菌核。寄生于桦树、枫树、柞树的根上。主产于陕西、山西、河北、河南、云南等地。春秋二季采挖,去泥沙,晒干。切片入药,生用。
【药性】甘、淡,平。归肾、膀胱经。        【功效】利水消肿,渗湿。       
【应用】水肿,小便不利,泄泻。本品甘淡渗泄,利水作用较强,用于水湿停滞的各种水肿,单味应用即可取效。如(《子母秘录》)治妊娠从脚至腹肿,小便不利,及(《杨氏产乳方》)治通身肿满,小便不利,皆单用一味猪苓为未,热水调服以治;治疗水湿内停所致之水肿、小便不利,常与泽泻、茯苓、白术等同用,如四苓散(《明医指掌》);治肠胃寒湿,濡泻无度,常与肉豆蔻、黄柏同用,如猪苓丸(《圣济总录》)。 猪苓药性沉降,入肾、膀胱经,善通利水道, 配生地、滑石、木通等,治热淋,小便不通,淋沥涩痛,如十味导赤汤(《医宗金鉴》)。       
【用法用量】煎服,6~12 g。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“”主痎疟、解毒······利水道。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含猪苓葡聚糖Ⅰ、甾类化合物、游离及结合型生物素、粗蛋白等。        2.药理作用:其利尿机制是抑制肾小管对水及电解质的重吸收所致。猪苓多糖有抗肿瘤、防治肝炎的作用。猪苓水及醇提取物分别有促进免疫及抗菌作用。       
3.临床研究:据报道,口服猪苓多糖胶囊,治疗慢性乙肝,疗效显著(临床荟萃2001, 7:313)。猪苓多糖注射液,肌注,治疗免疫功能低下的体弱儿童,取得良效(中医杂志,1990, 3:40)。       

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