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Gan lu xiao du dan (Sweet Dew Detoxication Pillet)---甘露消毒丹(一名普济解毒丹)

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【组成】  滑石(15g)  淡黄芩(10g)  绵茵陈(11g)  石菖蒲(6g)  川贝母(5g)  木通(5g)  藿香(4g)  连翘(4g)  白蔻仁(4g)  薄荷(4g)  射干(4g)
【功用】  利湿化浊,清热解毒
【主治】  湿温时疫。发热倦怠,胸闷腹胀,肢痠咽肿,身目发黄,颐肿口渴,小便短赤,泄泻淋浊等,舌苔淡白或厚腻或干黄。并主水土不服
【歌诀】  甘露消毒蔻藿香,茵陈滑石木通菖,芩翘贝母射干薄,湿温时疫是主方。
Sweet Dew Detoxication Pillet gan lu xiao du dan 

[SOURCE]: Compendium on Warm-Diseases

[INGREDIENTS]:Talc 15g,  Oriental wormwood 11g ,  Scutellaria root 10g,   Grassleaved sweetflag rhizome 6g,   Fritillary bulb 5g,  Akebia stem 5g ,  Agastache 4g ,  Belamcanda rhizome 4g ,  Forsythia fruit 4g ,  Peppermint 4g,   Round Cardamon seed 4g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the above herbs into fine powder. Take 9 grams each time with boiling water, twice a day. Or make paste pills by refining the powdered herbs with medicated leaven. The pills are to be taken, 9 grams each time with warm boiled water, twice a day. Or decocted them in water for oral administra­tion, with its dosage decreased proportionally according to the original formula.

[EFFECTS]:Excreting dampness, resolving turbidity, clearing heat and remo­ving poison.

[INDICATIONS]: Damp-warm disease and seasonal pestilence occurring in the qi phase marked by fever, lassitude, chest oppression, abdominal distention, tired limbs, swelling of throat, jaundice, swelling of lower cheek, vomiting, diarrhea, scanty dark urine, or stranguria with turbid urine, white tongue coating, or thick greasy coating or dry yellowish coating, soft and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:This is a common formula indicated for syndrome with dampness equal to heat at the first stage of damp-warm disease. Talc, orien­tal wormwood and scutellaria root are used in large dose in the formula. Among them, the first one removes damp-heat to eliminate summer-heat, the second one clears away heat and excretes dampness to reduce jaundice, the third one clears away heat and poison to dry dampness, they are used together as principal herbs. Grassleaved sweetflag rhizome, agastache and round cardamon seed as assistant herbs, resolve the turbid with their aromatic nature and awaken the spleen and dispel dampness. Peppermint and forsythia fruit disperse and expel the exterior with their lightness and clearness, and clear away heat and poison. Fritillary bulb and belamcanda rhizome remove poison to treat throat. Akebia stem clears away heat and being diuretic, induces damp-heat downward and eliminates it via urina­tion. All the above herbs act as adjuvant ones.

Today, this formula is ususally used for syndrome with dampness equal to heat involved in intestinal typhoid, infectious hepatitis, cholecystitis, acute gastro­enteritis and leptospirosis and the others.

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