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Gouji ( Cibot Rhizome )---狗脊(powder100g/bottle)

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The source is from dry root and stem of Cibotium barometz (L.) J.Sm., family Dicksoniaceae. It is collected in the autumn and winter with hard roots, leaf stalk and golden pubescence removed, cut into thick pieces and dried, which is called Shenggoujipian. It can be burned with sands for use. It can also be steamed, dried in the sun to 60%-70% , cut into thick pieces and dried again, which is called Shugoujipian.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Bitter, sweet and warm; relate to liver and kidney meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Dispel wind-damp; tonify the liver and kidney; strengthen the lumbar region and knees.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 6-12g.

[ Precautions]: Use carefully in kidney deficiency with heat: dysuria, scanty, yellow and red urine.
[ Clinical Application ]: 1.Bi-syndrome of wind-dampness    It is suitable especially for deficiency of the liver and kidney with wind-cold-dampness manifested as aching pain and inflexibility of lumbar region unable to bend. It is usually in combination with Duzhong, Xuduan and Haifengteng, etc., such as in Gouji Decoction. For deficiency of liver and kidney manifested as weakness of lumbar region and knees and flaccidity of lower limbs, it is usually used together with Duzhong, Niuxi, Shudihuang and Lujiaojiao, etc.
2. Enuresis and leukorrhagia     It can warm and strengthen the lower energizer. For frequency of urinatin and enuresis due to deficiency of the kidney, it is used together with Yizhiren, Fuling and Duzhong, etc. For leukorrhagia due to deficiency-cold of thoroughfare and conception vessels, it is used together with Lurong, Bailian and Aiye,etc.
Besides, its pubescence can stop blood and external application of it can stop blood due to phlyctenular conjunctivitis.

狗脊为蚌壳蕨科植物金毛狗脊Cibotium barometz(L.) J. Sm.的干燥根茎。产于云南、广西、浙江、福建等地。秋、冬二季采挖,除去泥沙,干燥;或去硬根、叶柄及金黄色绒毛,切厚片,干燥,为“生狗脊片”;蒸后,晒至六、七成干,切厚片,干燥,为“熟狗脊片”。原药或生狗脊片砂烫用。
【药性】苦、甘,温。归肝、肾经。        【功效】袪风湿,补肝肾,强腰膝。       
【应用】        1.风湿痹证。本品苦温能温散风寒湿邪,甘温以补肝肾、强腰膝、坚筋骨,能行能补,对肝肾不足,兼有风寒湿邪之腰痛脊强,不能俯仰者最为适宜。常与杜仲、续断、海风藤等配伍,如狗脊饮(《中国医学大辞典》);与萆薢、菟丝子同用,以治腰痛,如狗脊丸(《圣惠方》)。       
【用法用量】煎服,6~12g。        【使用注意】肾虚有热,小便不利,或短涩黄赤者慎服。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主腰背强,关机缓急,周痹,寒湿膝痛。颇利老人。”      
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含蕨素,金粉蕨素,金粉蕨素-2’-O-葡萄糖苷,金粉蕨素-2’-O-阿洛糖苷,欧蕨伊鲁苷,原儿茶酸,5-甲糠醛,β-谷甾醇,胡萝卜素等。       

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