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guanghuoxiang ( Cablin Patchchouli herb)---广藿香(powder100g/bottle)

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The souce is from the aerial parts of a perennial herb, Pogostemon cablin ( Blanco) Benth., family Labiatae, It is collecred in summer and autumn when the foliage is in its luxuriance and the crude one is cut into segments for use.

[ Medicinal Properties]: Pungent and slightly warm; relate to the spleen, stomach and lung meridians.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 3-9g. The amount of the fresh is doubled. The leaves tend to relieve the exterior, stalks tend to harmonize the middle, fresh ones are good for summer heat.

[ Precautions] : Contraindicated in yin deficiency with blood dryness.
[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Retention of dampness in the middle energizer      It is the most significant medicinal of resolving damp with fragrance. For harassment of spleen by cold-damp manifested as epigastric and abdominal stuffiness and fullness, poor appetite, vomiting, listlessness, fatigue, it is usually used together with Cangzhu, Houpo and Chenpi,etc., such as in Buhuangjin Zhengqi Powder.
2. Vomiting     For vomiting due to damp turbidity in the spleen and stomach, it can be used alone, or together with Banxia and Dingxiang, etc. For damp-heat, it can be used together with Huanglian and Zhuru, etc. For vomiting of pregnancy, it is used together with Sharen and Sugeng, etc. For deficiency of the spleen and stomach, it is usually used together with Dangshen and Baizhu.
3. Early stage of summer-damp and damp-warm syndromes       For affection of exogenous wind-cold in summer and retention of dampness and cold in the interior manifested as aversion to cold, fever, headache, epigastric stuffiness, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, it is usually combined with Zisu, Houpo and Banxia, etc.,such as in Huoxiang Zhengqi Powder. For early stage of summer-damp with damp equal to heat, it is combined with Huangqin, Huashi and Yinchen, etc., such as in Ganlu Xiaodu Pill.

广藿香为唇形科植物广藿香Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth的地上部分。主产于广东、海南等地。夏秋季枝叶茂盛时采割。切段生用。
【药性】辛,微温。归脾、胃、肺经。        【功效】化湿,止呕,解暑。       
【应用】        1.湿阻中焦。本品气味芳香,为芳香化湿浊要药。又因其性微温,故多用于寒湿困脾所致的脘腹痞闷,少食作呕,神疲体倦等症,常与苍术、厚朴等同用,如不换金正气散(《和剂局方》)。       
【用法用量】煎服,5~10g。鲜品加倍。        【使用注意】阴虚血燥者不宜用。        【
古籍摘要】        1.《名医别录》:“疗风水毒肿,去恶气,疗霍乱,心痛。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:含挥发油约1.5%,油中主要成分为广藿香醇,其它成分有苯甲醛、丁香油酚、桂皮醛等。另有多种其他倍半萜如竹烯等。尚含生物碱类。       

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