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Gui ling gan lu san(Cassia Twig &Poria Sweet Dew Powder )---桂苓甘露饮

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【组成】  茯苓(15g) 甘草(6g)  白术(12g)  泽泻(15g)  官桂(3g)  石膏(30g)  寒水石(30g)  滑石(30g)  猪苓(15g)
【功用】 清暑解热,化气利湿。
【主治】  暑湿证。发热头痛,烦渴引饮,小便不利,及霍乱吐下。
【歌诀】  桂苓甘露猪苓膏,术泽寒水滑石草,祛暑清热以利湿,发热烦渴吐泻消。

Cassia Twig and Poria Sweet Dew Powder (Gui ling gan lu san)

【SOURCE】: Formulae and Expositions

【INGREDIENTS】:Poria 30g Licorice root 6g, Bighead atractylodes rhizome 12g, Water plantain 15g, Cinnamon bark 3g, Gypsum 30g, Calcite 30g, Talc 30g, Agaric 15g

【DIRECTIONS】: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】: Clearing away summer-heat and promoting the transformative function of qi to disperse dampnsee.

【INDICATIONS】:Attack of summer-heat and dampness manifested by fever, headache, irritable thirst with desire for drinking, disuria, vomiting and diarrhea.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: This formula is set up for syndrome of both exu­berance of summer-heat and dampness. It is composed of Six-To-One Powder and Poria Powder with Five Herbs (seen in dampness-dispersing formulae) by adding gypsum and calcite. Being the extremely cold nature, gypsum and calcite are to clear away summer-heat; talc to clear away heat and to facilitate diuresis for indu­cing dampness out through urine. They together act as the main herbs. As the as­sistant herbs, poria, agaric and water plantain can facilitate diuresis to remove dampness. Being pungent flavor and hot nature, cinnamon bark is to strengthen the transformative function of the gallbladder-qi; bighead atractylodes rhizome to strengthen the spleen and dry dampness in order to recover the functions of ascending and descending. They act as the adjuvant herbs. Licorice root is the dis­patcher herb to reinforce qi and harmonize the middle and all the components.

Because of the powerful effect of clearing away summer-heat and dispersing dampness, this formula is more suitable to cases due to heavier summer-heat and dampness.

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