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gun tan wan(Phlegm-Expelling Pills) ---滚痰丸

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【组成】  大黄(15g) 黄芩(15g)  礞石(3g) 朴硝 (3g)  沉香(2g)
【功用】  泻火逐痰。
【主治】  实热老痰证。癫狂惊悸,或怔忡昏迷,或咳喘痰稠,或胸脘痞闷,或眩晕耳鸣,或绕项结核,或口眼蠕动,或不寐,或梦寐奇怪之状,或骨节卒痛难以名状,或噎息烦闷。大便秘结舌苔黄腻,脉滑数有力。
【歌诀】  滚痰丸用青礞石,大黄黄芩与沉香,百病皆因痰作祟,顽痰怪证力能匡。
Phlegm-Expelling Pills gun tan wan

【SOURCE】: Appended to Danxi,s Experiential Therapies

【INGREDIENTS】: Rhubarb (steamed with wine) 15g ,  Scutellaria root (washed with wine) 15g ,  Chlorite schist 3g ,  Mirabilite 3g ,  Eagle wood 2g   

【DIRECTIONS】: Grind all the above herbs into fine powdered herbs with water and make into pill with warm boiled water, once or twice a day. The water for oral administration, with the dose adjusted proportionally

【EFFECTS】:Purging fire and resolving phlegm. 

【INDICATIONS】: Syndrome of phlegm and fire accumulation due to excess-heat and thick phlegm marked by fearfulness, madness, palpitation, fright, coma, or cough and asthma with thick phlegm, or stuffiness and distention of the abdomen, or dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia and dreaminess, constipation, yellow thick coating of tongue, and slippery, rapid and forceful pulse.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: This formula is special for syndrome caused by excess-heat and thick phlegm. Mirabilite and chlorite-schist as principal herbs being dry and heavy in nature, is good at purging accumulated thick phlegm. Rhu­barb as an assistant herb, being bitter in flavor and cold in property, purges excess-heat and opens a passage for phlegm-fire downwared. Scutellaria root with bitter flavor and cold nature purges fire and clears heat in qi phase in the upper- jiao; eagle wood lowers qi rapidly, and is a guide for the other herbs. These two herbs are used together as adjuvant herbs. The joint use of the five herbs produces strong purging action. It is therefore a drastic formula to eliminate excess-heat and thick phlegm. The drastic action of this formula is harmful to the genuine-qi, so, never use it in weak constitution and pregnant women.

In clinical practice it can be used for schizphrenia, epilepsy and infantile con­vulsion due to accumulation of phlegm and fire.

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