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Hetaoren (English Walnut Seed)---胡桃仁

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This medicinal is the dried ripe seed of Juglans regia L.(Fam. Julandaceae). It is excavated in September and October when the fruits before full ripe, and dried by sunlight after the fruit skin being peeled. With its kernel being taken out, it is utilized in its unprocessed or stir-baked form.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet, warm; relate to kidney, lung and large intestine meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Tonify kidney and warm lung; moisten bowels to relieve constipation.

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Declination of kidney yang, lumbago and feet flaccidity, frequent urination     To treat kidney deficiency manifested as lumbago, dizziness, tinnitus and dribbling urination, it is prescribed with Duzhong , Buguzhi and garlic, as in the Qing'e Pills; to treat soreness in knees and loins, feet flaccidity, with Duzhong, Nuguzhii and Bixie.

2. Deficiency of lung and kidney, cough and dyspnea due to deficiency-cold, chroic cough and asthma due to lug deficiency    To treat cough and dyspnea, which is due to deficiency of lung and kidney and the failure of kidney to receive qi, it is used in combination with Renshen and Shengjiang, as in the Renshen Hutao Decoction. For chronic cough, it is combined with Renshen and Xingren and Processed into pills for oral administration.

3. Constipation due to intestinal dryness    In this case, it can be used alone or in combination with Huomaren, Roucongrong and Danggui.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 10-30 g.

[ Precautions ]: It is not recommended for yin deficiency with effulgent fire, cough due to phlegm-heat and loose stools.

胡桃仁胡桃科植物胡桃Juglans regia L.果实的核仁。我国各地广泛栽培,华北、西北、东北地区尤多。9~10月果熟时采收,除去肉质果皮,晒干敲破,取出种仁。生用或炒用。

       【药性】甘,温。归肾、肺、大肠经。        【功效】补肾温肺,润肠通便。       
 【应用】        1.肾阳虚衰,腰痛脚弱,小便频数。本品温补肾阳,其力较弱,多入复方。常与杜仲、补骨脂、大蒜等同用,治肾亏腰酸,头晕耳鸣,尿有余沥,如青娥丸(《和剂局方》);或与杜仲、补骨脂、萆薢等同用,治肾虚腰膝酸痛,两足痿弱,如胡桃汤(《御院药方》)。      
【用法用量】煎服,10~30g。        【使用注意】阴虚火旺、痰热咳嗽及便溏者不宜服用。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《开宝本草》:“食之令人肥,润肌黑发。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:胡桃仁含脂肪油,油的主要成分是亚油酸甘油酯,又含有蛋白质、碳水化合物、钙、磷等。       

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