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Hu zhang ( Giant Knotweed Rhizome)---虎杖(powder100g/bottle)

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It is the dried rootstalks and roots of Polygonu cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. Family Polygonum. It is havested and collected in the spring and autumn. After the fibres are removed, it is cut into short segments or thick pieces. It is then dried in the sunshine and utilized in the raw form.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Slightly bitter and slightly cold; relate to lung, liver and gallbladder meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Drain the gallbaldder to treat jaundice; clear away heat and eliminate toxic materials; activate blood and resolve stasis; resolve phlegm to stop cough.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 9-10g. It is taken orally. The appropriate amount is applied externally.

[ Precatiions ]: It must be used with caution when treating prenant women.

[ Clinical Applications]: 1. Jaundice due to damp-heat. It is often used with Yinchenhao, Jinqiancao and Zhizi.

2.Carbuncle, abscess, swolle sore, ulcer, scald by fire or hot water, snake bite. For carbuncle, abscess, swollen sores and skin ulcer, it can be used in a decoctio to be taken orally. Also , the fresh form can be ground-up and applied externally. To treat a scald, caused by fire or hot water, it can e ground-up, by itself, into a powder and mixed with sesame seed oil for external application. For snake bites,it can be utilized in a decoction and used orally. Also , the fresh for can be ground-up and the dregs of the juice then can be applied externally.

3. Amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, mass in the abdomen, wound. For amenorrhea and dysmenorrheal, due to blood stasis, it is often used with Danggui, Yimucao and Honghua. For a mass in the abdomen, it is combined with Sanleng, Ezhue and Shuizhi. To treat wounds, it is combinated with Ruxiang, Moyao and Taoren.

4. Cough with profuse phlegm due to lung-heat . It can be used in a decoction and consumed orally, either by itself or combined together with Huangqin, Yuxingcao and Pipaye.

[ Medicinal Comparison]: Similarities: Dahuang and Huzhang have the same functions of clearing away heat, eliination toxic materials, draining dampness to treat jaundice, activating the blood and resolving stasis. It can be applied to carbuncle, abscess, swollen sores, skin ulcers and scalds, caused by fire or hot water. Also, it can treat jaundice, duet to damp-heat, and blood-stasis syndrome.

Differences: Dahuang has the function of purging accuulation in the lower energizer. It is good at treating constipation, due to accumulation in the intestine. Also, it is ale to clear heat and stop bleeding. It treats syndromes of bleeding due to blood-heat and heart-fire flaring-up. Huzhang has the function of activating the meridians and relieving pain. It can be used for pain syndromes due to stasis. Also it has the function of resolving phlegm in order to stop cough, and is able to treat cough due to lung-heat.

虎杖为蓼科植物虎杖Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. 的干燥根茎和根。我国大部分地区均产,主产于江苏,江西、山东、四川等地。春、秋二季采挖,除去须根,洗净,趁新鲜切短段或厚片,晒干。生用或鲜用。
【药性】微苦,微寒。归肝、胆、肺经。        【功效】利湿退黄,清热解毒,散瘀止痛,化痰止咳.       
【应用】        1.湿热黄疸,淋浊,带下。本品苦寒,有清热利湿之功,治湿热黄疸,可单用本品煎服即效,亦可与茵陈、黄柏、栀子配伍,效力更佳;治湿热蕴结膀胱之小便涩痛,淋浊带下等,单用即效,如(《姚僧里集验方》)以此为末,米饮送下,治五淋,亦可配利尿通淋药同用。      
  2.水火烫伤,痈肿疮毒,毒蛇咬伤。本品入血分,有凉血清热解毒作用。        若水火烫伤而致肤腠灼痛或溃后流黄水者,单用研末,香油调敷,亦可与地榆、冰片共研末,调油敷患处;若湿毒蕴结肌肤所致痈肿疮毒,以虎杖根烧灰贴,或煎汤洗患处;若治毒蛇咬伤,可取鲜品捣烂敷患处,亦可煎浓汤内服。      
  4.肺热咳嗽。本品既能苦降泄热,又能化痰止咳,治肺热咳嗽,可单味煎服也可与贝母、枇杷叶、杏仁等配伍使用;        本品还有泻热通便作用,可用于热结便秘。       
【用法用量】煎服,9~15g。外用适量。        【使用注意】孕妇忌服。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《名医别录》:“主通利月水,破流血癥结。”        2.《日华子本草》:“治产后恶血不下,心腹胀满,排脓,主疮疖痈者,妇人血晕,扑伤瘀血,破风毒结气,”        3.《本草纲目》:“治男妇诸般淋疾。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:含虎杖苷、黄酮类、大黄素、大黄素甲醚、白藜芦醇、多糖。       
  3.临床研究:据报道,虎杖根,加水煎取,待温坐浴,治疗真菌性阴道炎 ,疗效颇佳(四川中医,1986,11:26)。虎杖粉内服,治疗胃出血,有效(浙江中医杂志,1980,5:210)。 虎杖根干燥制成片,内服,治疗高脂血症,有明显疗效。(中华医学杂志,1975,5:339)。      

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