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Huang lian jie du tang(Coptis Detoxicating Decoction )---黄连解毒汤

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【组成】  黄连(9g) 黄芩(6g)  黄柏(6g)  栀子(9g)

【功用】  泻火解毒。
【主治】  三焦火毒热盛证。大热烦躁,口燥咽干,错语不眠;或热病吐血衄血;或热甚发斑,身热下利,湿热黄疸;外科痈疡疔毒,小便黄赤,舌红苔黄,脉数有力。
【歌诀】  黄连解毒汤四味,黄芩黄柏栀子备,躁狂大热呕不眠,吐衄斑黄均可为。

Coptis Detoxicating Decoction (Huang lian jie du tang)

[SOURCE]:The Medical Secrets of an Official


Coptis root 39g, Scutellaria root 6g, Phellodendron bark 6g, Capejasmine fruit 9g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Purging fire and expelling poison.

[INDICATIONS]: Syndromes of exuberant heat of the triple-Jiao due to exces­sive heat and fire-poison manifested by high fever, restlessness, dryness of mouth and throat, paraphasia, insomnia; or heat diseases marked by hemoptysis and epi­staxis ;or exuberant heat leading to macule, fever and dysentery; or jaundice due to damp-heat; or carbuncle, gangrene, furuncle in surgery; dark urine, red tongue withe yellow coating, strong rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This formula is set up for exuberant heat and fire in the triple-jiao. As the main herb, coptis root can purge the heart-fire and clear the middle-jiao. Scutellaria root clears fire of the upper-jiao; phellodendron bark clears fire of the lowev-jiao; capejasmine fruit purges fire of the triple-jiao for inducing heat out through urine. They are all the assistant and adjuvant herbs.

In clinic, this formula has good therapeutic effects against septecemia, pyosep, dysentery, toxic dysentery, pneumonia, urinary infection, epidemic encephali­tis, encephalitis B, and furunde the above-mentioned symptoms.


Heart-Purging Decoction (xie xin tang)---泻心汤:

Rhubarb 6g,   coptis root 3g,   scutellaria root 9g.

The above herbs should be de­cocted in water for oral administration.

Effects: purging fire and poison, drying dampness to resolve stuffiness.

Indications: internal exuberance of fire leading to bleeding such as hemoptysis and epistaxis; or internal accumulation of dam-heat resulting in jaundice with chest stuffiness and irritable fever; or pushing-up of ac­cumulated heat manifested by conjunctive congestion with swollen eyelids, oral ul­ceration ;or sores in surgery with symptoms of irritable and feverish sensation of chestconstipationetc.

NOTES:Both this formula and Coptis Detoxicating Decoction can be used to treat syndrome of exuberant heat of the triple-jiao. In this formula, rhubarb as the main herb in the cooperation with scutellaria root and coptis root purge fire and heat as well as resolve dampness with their bitter flavor and cold nature, so it is special for syndrome of exuberant fire of the heart and stomach.

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