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Huang qi jian zhong tang(stragalus Middle-Strengthening Decoction)--黄芪建中汤

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  Astragalus Middle-Strengthening Decoction (huang qi jian zhong tang--黄芪建中汤)(Synopsis of the Golden Chamber):

9 gram of astragalus root is added to minor middle-Strengthening Decoction. The directions are the same as that of Minor Middle-Strengthening Decoction.

[Effects ] Warming the middle and reinforcing qi to harmonize the interior and to relieve spasm. 

[Indications]: All the deficient manifestation's due to consumption with abdom­inal pain and spasm.  

Minor Middle-Strengthening Decoction (Xiao jian zhong tang)---小建中汤 

【组成】  芍药(18g)  桂枝(9g)  甘草(炙,6g)  生姜(9g)  大枣(4枚)  饴糖(30g)  
【功用】 温中补虚,和里缓急。  
【主治】  虚劳里急证。腹中时痛,喜温欲按,舌淡苔白,脉细弦;或虚劳而心中悸动,虚烦不宁,面色无华,或手足烦热,咽干口燥等。  
【歌诀】  小建中汤芍药多,桂姜甘草大枣和,更加饴糖补中脏,虚劳腹冷服之瘥。 
[SOURCE]: Treatise on Cold-Atack

[INGREDIENTS]: White peony root 18g, Cassia twig 9g, Roasted licorice root 6g, resh ginger lOg, Chinese date 4pcs., Malt sugar 30g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration with :he exception of malt sugar which should be infused in the decoction.

[EFFCTS]: Warming the middle to tonify deficiency, harmonizing the interior to relieve spasm.

【INDICATIONS】: Consumption syndrome manifested by abdominal spasm and occasinal pain which can be assuaged by warming and pressing, pale tongue with white coating, thread, taut and loose pulse; or palpitation with vexation and pale complexion; or fever with abdominal pain and poor appetite due to the yang deficiency.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This formula is composed of Cassia Twig Decoc­tion plus malt sugar with double dosage of white peony root. Being sweet flavor and warm nature, acting on spleen, malt sugar is the main herb to warm the mid­dle and tonify deficiency for harmonizing the interior and relieving spasm. By com­bination with malt sugar, cassia twig can warm the middle and tonify deficiency; white peony root can harmonize the interior and relieve spasm. The combination of cassia twig and white peony root can also harmonize yin and yang, so that they both act as the assistant herbs. Fresh ginger and Chinese date act as the adjuvant herbs to nourish the source of generation and transformation as well as harmoni­zing the nutrient and defensive qi. Licorice root is the dispatcher herb which can not only help malt sugar reinforce qi, but also nourish yin and harmonizing yang by cooperating with cassia twig and white peony root as well as harmoing all the components.

This formula can be applied to gastric and duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis and neuroasthema with the above-mentioned symptoms.


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