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Huashi (Talc)---滑石

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It is the steatite of the silicate, mineral, family Talcum. The main medicinal component is [ Mg3 · (Si4O10) · (OH)2 ] and water. It can be harvested and collected all the year round. After being collected, the earth is removed, it is cleans and broken into pieces, or refined with water.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet, bland and cold; relate to the bladder, lung and stomach meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Promote diuresis to relive stranguria; clear away sumer-heat; dispel dampens and promote healing sore.

[ Usage and Dosage ]: 10-20g is used for oral use, Fei-Huashi must be decocted in a packet , appropriate amount for external use.

[ Clinical Applications ]: 1. Heat stranguria, stony stranguria     It is cold and slippery in nature and it has the function of clearing heat accumulation in bladder, as well as , benefits the lower orifices. It is the main medicnal for treating heat stanguria and astringent pain, in combination with Cheqianzi, Mutong and Qumai, such as, in the Bazheng Powder. For stony stranguria, it is often combined with Haijinsha, Jinqiaocao and Mutong, such as in the erjin Paishi Decoction.

2. Restlessness and thirst due to summer-heat-dampness, early stage of damp-warmth     In treating restlessness, thirst adn dysuria, due to Summer-heat-dampness, it is often combined with Gancao, such as in the Liuyi Powder. In the begining of damp-warmth, manifesting as headache, heavy sensation in the body, and oppression of the chest, it can be combiend with Xingren, Doudou and Yiyiren, such as in the San Ren Decoction. For watery diarrhea, due to damp-heat, it can be used with Cheqiaqnzi, Yiyiren and Fuling.

3. Eczema, damp sores, malaria     It has functin of clearing heast, absorbing dampness and astringing sores for external use, in traeting eczema, damp sores, malaria and other skin conditins, it can be utilized by itself, or combined with other medicinals, for external application on the affected area.

[ Medicial Comparison ]: Similarities: Cheqianzi and Huashi are all cold in nature, have the same action of clearig away heat, promoting diuresis to relive stranguria, especially treating for stranguria pain of damp-heat type and edema.

Differences: Cheqianzi especially has the actio of draining dampness to stop diarrhea, clear away liver-fire to improve vision and clear away lung to resolve phlegm, in treating for diarrhea due to sumer-heat-dampness, conjunctivitis due to liver-heat, cough due to phlegm-heat. Huashi has the actin of clearing away summer-heat, dispelling dampness and promoting to heal sore, in treating for restlessness ad thirst due to summer-heat-dampness, early stage of damp-warmth and eczema, damp sores, heat malaria and other skin disease.

滑石为硅酸盐类矿物滑石族滑石,主含含水硅酸镁[ Mg3 · (Si4O10) · (OH)2 ],主产于山东、江西、山西、辽宁等地。全年可采。采挖后,除去泥沙及杂石,洗净,砸成碎块,研粉用,或水飞晾干用。

【药性】甘、淡,寒。归膀胱、肺、胃经。        【功效】利尿通淋,清热解暑,收湿敛疮。       
【应用】        1.热淋,石淋,尿热涩痛。滑石性滑利窍,寒则清热,故能清膀胱湿热而通利水道,是治淋证常用药,若湿热下注之小便不利,热淋及尿闭等,常与木通、车前子、瞿麦等同用,如八正散(《和剂局方》);若用于石淋,可与海金沙、金钱草、木通等配用。       
3.湿疮,湿疹,痱子。本品外用有清热收湿敛疮作用。治疗湿疮,湿疹,可单用或与枯矾、黄柏等为末,撒布患处;治痱子,则可与薄荷、甘草等配合制成痱子粉外用。        【用法用量】煎服,10~20g。宜包煎。外用适量。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主身热泄澼,女子乳难,癃闭,利小便,荡胃中积聚寒热。”        2.《本草纲目》:“滑石利窍,不独小便也。上能利毛腠之窍,下能利精溺之窍。盖甘淡之味,先入于胃,渗走经络,游溢精气,上输于肺,下通膀胱。肺主皮毛,为水之上源。膀胱司津液,气化则能出。故滑石上能发表,下利水道,为荡热燥湿之剂。”        【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含硅酸镁、氧化铝、氧化镍等。     
3.临床研究:据报道,用蒲黄,滑石粉,口服,治急性肾小球肾炎,急、慢性肾盂肾炎,急性膀胱炎、尿道炎,泌尿系结石及其他继发性泌尿系出血症,有效(中医杂志,1988,7:43)。 采用胸腔


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