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Huo xiang zheng qi san(Agastaches Genuine-Qi Powder )---藿香正气散

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【组成】  大腹皮(5g)  白芷(5g)  紫苏(5g)  茯苓(5g)  半夏曲(10g)  白术(10g)  陈皮(10g)  厚朴(10g)  姜汁(10g)  桔梗(10g)  藿香(15g)  炙甘草(12g)
【功用】  解表化湿,理气和中。
【主治】  外感风寒,内伤湿滞证。霍乱吐泻,恶寒发热头痛,脘腹疼痛,舌苔白腻,以及山岚瘴疟等。
【歌诀】  藿香正气大腹苏,甘桔陈苓术朴俱,夏曲白芷加姜枣,感伤岚瘴并能驱。

Agastaches Genuine-Qi Powder huo xiang zheng qi san

[SOURCE]: Prescriptions of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary

[INGREDIENTS]: Shell of areca nut 30g,  Dahurian angelica root 30g,  Perilla leaf 30g,  Poria 30g,  Pinellia tuber 60g,  Bighead atractylodes rhizome 60g,  Tangerine peel 60g,  Magnolia bark (rough bark removed, fried with ginger-juice) 60g ,  Platycodon root 60g ,  Agastache 90g ,  Roasted licorice 75g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the herbs into fine powder. Take 6 grams each time with the decoction of fresh ginger and Chinese dates for oral administration. Or decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration, with the dosage propor­tionally adjusted. They can be also made into bolus or medicinal water.

[EFFECTS]:Relieving exterior syndrome by resolving dampness, regulating qi and harmonizing the middle.

[INDICATIONS:Exterior syndrome due to wind-cold with internal injury due to damp-turbidity narked by fever, chills, headache, stuffy chest, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, borborygmus and diarrhea, whitish and greasy tongue coating, or mountainous miasma.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula to relieve exterior syn­drome and resolve dampness. Agastache with pungent flavor and aromatic smell is used in large dose as a principal herb, and it can not only dispel wind-cold but also resolve the turbid and awaken the spleen to harmonize the middel, and expel the turbid to stop vomiting. Perilla leaf and dahurian angelica root being pungent in flavor and aromatic in property regulate qi to smooth the chest. Pinellia tuber low­ers the adverse qi to stop vomiting and dries dampness to harmonize the stomach. Magnolia bark being bitter in flavor and warm in property dries dampness and ac­tivates qi to relieve stuffiness. They are all used as assistant herbs. Tangerine peel regulates qi and dries dampness. Poria and bighead atractylodes rhizome strength­en the spleen and excrete dampness. Shell of areca nut activates qi and dispels dampness. Platycodon root disperses the lung to activate qi, and is helpful in relie­ving the exterior syndrome and resolving dampness. They act as adjuvant herbs. Fresh ginger and Chinese dates harmonize the spleen and stomach. Licorice coor­dinates the effects of the other herbs and assists the these two herbs in benefiting qi and harmonizing the middle. They are used together as dispatcher herbs.   

Today this formula is often used to treat acute gastroenteritis manifested in exterior syndrome due to wind-cold accompanied by injury of the spleen and stom­ach caused by dampness evil. 


Six Harmony Decoction (Liu he tang)---六和汤

SOURCE:Textual Research


Amomum fruit 3g Pinellia tuber 6g Apricot kernel 6g Ginseng 6g   

Bighead atractylodes rhizome Agastache 6g White hyacinth bean 6g Poria 6g 

Chaenomeles fruit 4. 5g Magnolia bark 3g Licorice root 2g   

【DIRECTIONS】Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】:Strengthening the spleen and dispersing dampness, sending lucid qi and sending down the turbid. 

【INDICATIONS】:Injury of spleen and stomach due to dampness and improper diet in summer marked by vomiting, diarrhea, strffy chest, white and watery coat­ing.

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