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Jiu wei qiang huo tang(Notopterygium Decoction with Nine Herbs)---九味羌活汤

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【组成】  羌活(6g)  防风(6g)  苍术(6g)  细辛(2g)  川芎(3g)  白芷(3g)  生地黄(3g)  黄芩(3g)  甘草(3g)
【功用】  发汗祛湿,兼清里热
【主治】  外感风寒湿邪,兼有里热证恶寒发热,肌表无汗头痛项强,肢体痠楚疼痛,口苦微渴,舌苔白或微黄,脉浮。
【歌诀】  九味羌活用防风,细辛苍芷与川芎,黄芩生地同甘草,分经论治宜变通。
Notopterygium Decoction with Nine Herbs jiu wei qiang huo tang

SOURCE: Created by Zhang Yuansu, quoted from the book Medical Problems


Notopterygium root 5g   Ledebouriella root 5g    Atractylodes rhizome 5g     Asarum herb lg     Chuanxiong rhizome 3g     Dahurian angelica root 3g     Rehmannia root 3g      Scutellaria root3g       Licorice 3g 

【DIRECTIONS】: All the above herbs should be decocted in water for oral ad­ministration .

【EFFECTS】: Inducing perspiration to repel dampness and clear away the interi­or heat.             

【INDICATIONS】: Exogenous attack of wind, cold and dampness evils manifes­ted by chill, fever, absence of sweat, pain of limbs, oral bitter feeling with slight thirst. 

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: This is a common formula for treating the sea­sonal exogenous attack pertaining to exterior syndrome caused by wind, cold and dampness evils. With pungent and bitter flavors and warm nature, notopterygium root acts as the main herb on the Taiyang Meridian for dispelling the exterior wind and dampness and soothing the joints. So it is the key herb for relieving wind, cold and dampness evils in the exterior. Ledebouriella root with its pungent and sweet flavors and warm nature acts on the Taiyang Mendian to expel wind and dampness moderately. Atractylodes rhizome with its bitter flavor and warm nature can dry dampness and strengthen spleen as well as induce perspiration to expel the exterior dampness. Both of them act as the assistant herbs. Chuanxiong rhizome, asarum herb and dahurian angelica root can expel wind and cold to re­lieve headache of all meridians. Rehmannia root and Scutellaria root can clear away the accumulation of internal heat and prevent consumption of body-fluid caused by- herbs with warm and dry properties. Besides, in the book Collection of Formulae with Notes, fresh ginger and spring onion stalk are added to this formula to assist the effect of inducing perspiration for relieving the exterior. They all act as the ad­juvant herbs. As the dispatcher herb, licorice is to harmonize all the components.

Clinically, now this formula with modifications is effectively applied to influ­enza and rheumatic arthritis with the above-mentioned symptoms.


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