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Jiu xian san(Nine Immortals Powder) ---九仙散

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【组成】  人参(10g) 款冬花(10g)  桑白皮(10g)  桔梗(10g)  五味子(10g)  阿胶(10g)  乌梅(10g)  贝母(5g)  罂粟壳(15g)
【功用】  敛肺止咳益气养阴。
【主治】  久咳肺虚证。久咳不已,咳甚则气喘自汗,痰少而粘,脉虚数。
【歌诀】  九仙散中罂粟君,五味乌梅共为臣,参胶款桑贝桔梗,敛肺止咳益气阴。

Nine Immortals Powder jiu xian san

SOURCE: Orthox Medical Book

I[NGREDIENTS]: Ginseng(boiled separatel) 6g,   Coltsfoot flower 9g ,  Platycodon root 6g ,  Mulberry bark 9g,   Schisandra fruit 9g,   Donkey-hide gelatin 9g ,  Fritillary bulb 9g,  Black plum 6g,  Poppy capsule(stir-baked with honey) 6g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the herbs into powder as one dosage. Or, decoct it with one piece of fresh ginger and one Chinese date for oral administration. Or, decoct them in water for oral administration with adjust dosage but with the proportion of ingredients of the original recipe.

[EFFECTS]: Replenishing qi and nourishing yin, and astringing the lung to al­leviate cough.

[INDICATIONS]: Deficiency syndrome of the lung-qi marked by chronic cough, even panting and spontaneous perspiration when coughing, feeble and rapid pules.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: In the recipe, poppy capsule is key herb that astringes the lung to alleviatie cough, ginseng nourishes the lung-qi, both of them are the principal herbs. Donkey-hide gelatin replenishes the lung and nourishes yinand schisandra fruit and black plum, sour in flavor, arrest cough, astringe the lung and promote generation of the body fluid, acting as the assistant herbs. Colts­foot flower, platycodon, mulberry bark and fritillary bulb are used for resolving phlegm to alleviate cough as the adjuvant herbs. Platycodon root is the dispatcher herb that carries potency of all the herbs to the lung and disperses the lung to re­solve phlegm.

This formula is quite strong in astringing the lung to stop cough, it is contra­indicated in cases of chronic cough with phlegm-retention internally or with the exterior-evil to avoid remains of the evil-qi.

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