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Ju he wan(Tangerine Pit Pills) ---橘核丸

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【组成】  橘核(9g)  海藻(9g)  昆布(9g)  海带(9g)  川楝子(9g)  桃仁(9g)  厚朴(6g)  木通(6g)  枳实(6g)  延胡索(6g)  桂心(6g)  木香(6g)
【功用】  行气止痛,软坚散结
【主治】  颓疝,睾丸肿胀偏坠,或坚硬如石,或痛引脐腹
【歌诀】  橘核丸中川楝桂,朴实延胡藻带昆,桃仁二木酒糊丸,颓疝痛丸盐酒吞。
Tangerine Pit Pills ju he wan

[SOURCE]: Life-Preserving Formulae

[INGREDIENTS]:Tangerine pit(parched) 30g,  Sargassum seaweed(washed) 30g,  Japanese sea tangle(washed) 30g,  Sichuan chinaberry(Pulp removed and parched) 30g,  Peach kernel (parched with wheat bran) 30g,  Magnolia bark(bark removed and parched with ginger) 15g,  Akebia stem 15g , 

Unripened bitter orange(parched with wheat bran) 15g ,  Corydalis tuber(bark removed and parched) 15g ,  Cassia twig (bark removed) 15g,   Aucklandia root 15g 

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind all ingredients into fine powder, mixing it with wine to make into pills for oral administration, 912 grams each time with warm wine or slight salt water before meal. The herbs can also be decocted in water for oral ad­ministration with dosage reduced proportionally.   

[EFFECTS]: Activating qi to relieve pain and softening hardness to resolve lump. 

[INDICATIONS]: Hernia caused by cold-dampness marked by swelling of the testis with pulling, pain radiating to umbilicus and abdomen, or the testis being as hard as stone, even swelling of scrotum, or oozing yellowish water, or ulceration, white and moist or greasy tongue coating, deep and taut pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula for treatment of indo- lence-hernia. Tangerine pit in the formula is used as a principal herb with effects of sooting the liver, activating qi and resolving lump to relieve pain. Sichuan china­berry and auscklandia root enter the Liver Meridian and go through the qi phase to activate qi and relieve pain. Peach kernel and corydalis tuber enter the Jueyin Meridian and go through the blood stage to promote blood circulation and remove stasis, acting as assistant herbs. Cassia twig warms the liver and kidney and dis­pels the cold-evil. Unripened bitter orange and magnolia bark remove retention in the qi stage. Sargassum seaweed and Japanese sea tangle, salt in flavor and cold in property, have the effects of relieving stuffiness, softening and dissolving hard masses. Akebia stem clears away heat and excretes dampness, and open the path for phlegm-dampness downward. They are used together as adjuvant herbs.

Today this formula is often used for syndrome of cold dampness invading Jueyin Meridian with qi stagnation and blood stasis involved in abdominal external hernia, testis hydrocele, orchitis, epididymitis and others.

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