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Ling jiao gou teng tang(Antelop’s Horn and Uncaria Stem Decoction)---羚角钩藤汤

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【组成】  羚角片(先煎,4.5g)  钩藤(后下,9g)  霜桑叶(6g)  滁菊花(9g)  鲜生地(15g)  生白芍(9g)  川贝母(12g)  淡竹茹(15g)  茯神木(9g)  生甘草(3g)
【功用】  凉肝熄风,增液舒筋。
【主治】  肝热生风证。高热不退,烦闷躁扰,手足抽搐,发为惊厥,甚则神昏,舌绛而干,或舌焦起刺,脉弦而数。
【歌诀】  俞氏羚角钩藤汤,桑菊茯神鲜地黄,贝草竹茹同芍药,肝风内动急煎尝。
Antelop’s Horn and Uncaria Stem Decoction ling jiao goii teng tang

【SOURCE】: Popular Treatise on Cold-Attack

【INGREDIENTS】:   Antelope’s horn 4. 5g (to be decocted prior) ,  Mulberry leaf 6g ,  Fritillary bulb 12g,   Rehmannia root 15g,  Uncaria stem with hooks 9g(to be decocted posteriorly),  Chrysanthemum flower 9g,   Poria with hostwood 9g,   White peony root 9g ,  Licorice 2. 5g ,  Bamboo shavings 15g

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】:Cooling the liver to stop wind, promoting generation of the body fluid to release tendons.

【INDICATIONS】: Convulsion or syncope due to the extreme heat of the Liver Meridian marked by high fever, smothery restlessness, spasm of limbs, or even co­ma, crimson dry tongue or prickled tongue, taut and rapid pulse.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】:This is a representative formula for treating wind syndrome caused by extreme heat. As the main herbs, antelope’s horn and uncaria stem with hooks can cool the liver to stop wind and clear away heat to relieve spasm, Acting as the assistant herbs, mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum flower strengthen the effect of stopping wind. White peony root and rehmannia root can replenish yin to gentle the liver and to release tendons. Its combination with antelop’s horn and uncaria stem with hooks, can treat both the “branch”and the “root” .It is easy for the exuberant heat to scorch the body fluid into phlegm, so fritillary bulb and bamboo shavings are used simultaneously to clear away heat and phlegm; poria with hostwood is used to calm the liver and the heart for tranquilizing the mind because heat-evil disturbs the heart. They all act as the adju­vant herbs. Licorice, as the dispatcher, is to harmonize all the components as well as releasing tendons for relieving spasm by combination with white peony root.

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