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Longyanrou (Longan Aril)---龙眼肉

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This medicinal is the aril of Euphooria longan Lour. (Family Sapindaceae). It is exavated in spring and autumn when the fruit is getting ripe,dried by baking or natural sunlight. After removal of the fruit skin and kernel, the aril is taken out, dried till not sticky and preserved for use.

[ Medicinal Properties ]: Sweet and warm; relate to heart and spleen meridians.

[ Medicinal Efficacies ]: Tonify the heart and spleen; nourish blood and induce tranquilization.

[ Clinical Applications ]: Palpations,fearful throbbing, insomnia and amnesia, hemafecia, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis.

For palpations, fearfu lthrobbing ,insomnia , amnesia, anorexia and lassitude, due to excessive anxiety damaging the heart and spleen, hemafecia, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, due to spleen qi deficiency, it is prescribed with Renshen, Danggui and Suanzaoren, as in the Guipi Decoction. For deficiency of qi and blood, it is used by itself and braized with white sugar for oral administration with boiled water, as in the Yuling Concentrated Decoction.

[ Usage and Dosage]: 10-25g,or 30-60g in large dosage.

[ Precautions ]: It is congtraindicated in patients with excess dampness with Abdominal fullness, or retained fluid, phlegm and fire.                                                                                                                          x

龙眼肉为无患子科植物龙眼树Euphoria longan(Lour.)Steud.的假种皮。主产于广东、福建、台湾、广西等地。于夏秋果实成熟时采摘,烘干或晒干,除去壳、核,晒至干爽不粘,贮存备用。

       【药性】甘,温。归心、脾经。        【功效】补益心脾,养血安神。       
【应用】        用于思虑过度,劳伤心脾,而致惊悸怔忡,失眠健忘,食少体倦,以及脾虚气弱,便血崩漏等。本品能补心脾、益气血、安神,与人参、当归、酸枣仁等同用,如归脾汤(《济生方》);用于气血亏虚,可单服本品,如《随息居饮食谱》玉灵膏(一名代参膏),即单用本品加白糖蒸熟,开水冲服。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主安志,厌食,久服强魂,聪明轻身不老,通神明。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:龙眼肉含水溶性物质,不溶性物质,灰分,可溶性物质含葡萄糖、蛋白质,脂肪以及维生素B1、B2、P、C等。      
 3. 临床研究:龙眼肉、淫羊藿等,米酒泡服,治疗男性不育症,疗效满意(新中医,1984,(9):39);龙眼肉、菖蒲等,治疗冠心病心绞痛有效(浙江中医杂志,1984,22(10):444)。       

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