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MaHuangGen (Ephedra Root)---麻黄根(powder100g/bottle)

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It is the dried root and rootstalk of Ephedra sinica stapf, Ephedra intermedia Schrenk et C.A.Mey., family Ephedraceae. The medicinal material is collected after the beginning of autumn (one of the traditional Chinese Twenty-four Solar Terms). After the fibrous roots are removed, it is dried in the sunshine and cut into segments. The raw form is utilized as a medicine.

[Medicinal Properties]: Sweet, slightly astringent, and neutral; relate to the lung meridian.

[Medicinal Efficacies]: Strengthen superficies and stop sweating.

[Clinical Application]: Spontaneous sweating and night sweating                   For spontaneous sweating due to deficiency of qi, it can be used combined with Huangqi and Muli, such as in the formula Muli Powder. In cases of night sweating due to yin deficiency, it is usually used together with Shudihuang and Danggui. To treat frequent perspiration after delivery due to asthenia, it can be used in combination with Danggui and Huangqi. Also, it can be used with Muli and prepared as powder for external application, for any sweating syndrome, due to asthenia.

[Usage and Dosage]: 3-9g is used for oral use. For external application, the amount should be appropriate.

[Precautions]: It is contraindicated in those patients who have contracted exogenous pathogens.

麻黄根为麻黄科植物草麻黄 Ephedra sinica stapf 或中麻黄 Ephedra intermedia Schrenk et C.A.Mey.的根及根茎。主产于河北、山西、内蒙古、甘肃、四川等地。立秋后采收。剪去须根,干燥切段。生用。

       【药性】甘、微涩,平。归肺经。        【功效】固表止汗。       
【应用】        自汗、盗汗。 本品甘平性涩,入肺经而能行肌表、 实卫气、 固腠理、 闭毛窍,为敛肺固表止汗之要药。 治气虚自汗,常与黄芪、牡蛎同用,如牡蛎散(《和剂局方》)。 治阴虚盗汗,常与熟地黄、当归等同用,如当归六黄汤(《兰室秘藏》)。治产后虚汗不止,常与当归、黄芪等配伍,如麻黄根散(《圣惠方》)。        此外,本品外用配伍牡蛎共研细末,扑于身上,可治各种虚汗证。        【用法用量】煎服,3~9g。 外用适量。       
 【古籍摘要】        1.《名医别录》:“止汗,夏月杂粉扑之”。       
 2.《本草纲目》:“麻黄发汗之气,驶不能御,而根节止汗, 效如影响”。       
 3.《本草正义》:“其根则深入土中,……则轻扬走表之性尤存,所以能从表分而收其散越,敛其轻浮,以还归于里。是故根 收束之本性,则不特不能发汗, 而并能使外发之汗敛而不出,此则麻黄根所以有止汗之功力,投之辄效者也”。       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分:本品含多种生物碱,主要包括麻黄根素,麻黄根碱A、B、C、D及阿魏酰组胺等。尚含有麻黄宁A、B、C、D和麻黄酚等双黄酮类成份。       
3.临床研究:麻黄根30 %,牡蛎30%,乌洛托品15%,滑石粉25 %四药共研末,用适量撒在脚上治脚汗(全国中草药汇编.上册.人民卫生出版社,1975.724)。       

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