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Nuan gan jian(Liver-warming Decoction )---暖肝煎

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【组成】  当归(6~9g)  枸杞子(9g)  小茴香(6g)  肉桂(3~6g)  乌药(6g)  沉香(3g)  茯苓(6g)
【功用】  温补肝肾,行气止痛。
【主治】  肝肾虚寒证。睾丸冷痛,或小腹疼痛,畏寒喜暖,舌淡苔白,脉沉迟。
【歌诀】  暖肝煎中杞茯归,茴沉乌药合肉桂,下焦虚寒疝气痛,温补肝肾此方推。

Liver-warming Decoction nuan gan jian

[SOURCE]: Jingyue’s Complete Works

[INGREDIENTS]: Chinese angeleca root 9g,   Wolf berry fruit 9g,   Common fennel fruit 6g ,  Cinnamon bark 36g,   Lindera root 6g,  Eagle wood or Aucklandia root 3g,  Poria 6g,   Fresh ginger 6g   

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]: Warming and tonifying the liver and kidney, and avtivating qi to relieve pain. 

[INDICATIONS]: Hernia caused by insufficiency of the liver and kidney and qi stagnation due to cold coagulation marked by pain in lower abdomen, pale and ten­der tongue with white or white moist coating, deep, thready and string-taut pulse,

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula for hernial pain caused by deficiency-cold in the lower-jiao and qi stagnation due to cold coagulation. Chi­nese angelica root and wolf berry fruit warm and tonify the liver and kidney, and nourish the essence and blood to consolidate the “root”,and act as principal herbs. Common fennel fruit and cinnamon bar are used as assistant herbs to warm the kidney and expels cold. Lindera root and eagle wood activate qi to stop pain, and they combine with common fennel fruit and cinnamon bark to have the effects of warming yang and activating qi so as to treat the “branch”. Poria oozes the dampness to strengthen the spleen. Fresh ginger expels cold and harmonizes the stomach. Working together, they play the role of adjuvant and dispatcher herbs.

This formula is only used for hernia due to exuberance of yin-cold. It is not advisable for syndrome of downward flow of damp-heat manifested as congestion, swelling and hot pain of the scrotum.

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