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Pu ji xiao du yin(Everyone’s Detoxicating Decoction )---普济消毒饮

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【组成】  黄芩(15g) 黄连(15g)  陈皮(6g)  甘草(6g)  玄参(6g)  柴胡(6g)  桔梗(6g)  连翘(3g)  板蓝根(3g)  马勃(3g)  牛蒡子(3g)  薄荷(3g)  僵蚕(2g)  升麻(2g)
【功用】  清热解毒,疏风散邪。
【主治】  大头瘟恶寒发热,头面红肿焮痛,目不能开,咽喉不利,舌燥口渴,舌红苔白兼黄,脉浮数有力。
【歌诀】  普济消毒芩连鼠,玄参甘桔蓝根侣,升柴马勃连翘陈,薄荷僵蚕为末咀。

Everyone’s Detoxicating Decoction (Pu ji xiao du yin)

[SOURCE]: Dongyuan' s Effective Formulae


Scutellaria root 15g,  Coptis root 15g,  Tangerine peel 6g,  Licorice root 6g , Scrophularia root 6g , Bupleurum root 6g,  Platycodon root 6g,  Forsythia fruit 3g,  Isatis root 3g , Puff-ball 3g,  Arctium fruit 3g,  Peppermint 3g,  Batryticated Silkworm 2g , Cimicifuga rhizome 2g

[DIRECTION]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Dispersing wind evil, clearing heat and poison.

[INDICATIONS]: Infectious swollen head due to wind-heat or pestilent poison accumulating the upper-jiao manifested by chill and fever, flushed swollen face with severe pain, difficulty of eyes to open, sore throat, dryness of mouth and throat, red tongue with yellow coating, strong rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a good formula for infectious swollen head. Coptis root and scutellaria root act as the main herbs to purge heat-poison of the upper-jiao. Arctium fruit, peppermint, forsythia fruit and batryticated silk­worm act as the assistant herbs to disperse wind-heat with their pungent flavors and cool natures. As the adjuvant herbs, scrophularia root, isatis root, puff-ball, platycodon root and licorice root clear heat and poison as well as sootheing throat tangerine peel regulates qi for resolving coagulation. Cimicifuga rhizome and bupleurum root are the dispatcher herbs to lift yang for expelling heat and fire as well as guiding the other herbs to the head. Adding ginseng for the deficient case and rhubarb for constipation are two common modifications in clinic.

In the present clinic, this formula has definite effects against epidemic paroti­tis, acute tonsillitis, parotitis purulenta, and facial phlegmon.

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