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Qing gu san(Bone-Clearing Powder)---清骨散

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【组成】  银柴胡(5g)  胡黄连(3g)  秦艽(3g)  鳖甲(醋炙,3g)  地骨皮(3g)  青蒿(3g)  知母(3g)  甘草(2g)
【功用】  清虚热,退骨蒸
【主治】  虚劳发热骨蒸潮热,或低热日久不退,形体消瘦,唇红颧赤,困倦盗汗,或口渴心烦,舌红少苔,脉细数等。
【歌诀】  清骨散用银柴胡,胡连秦艽鳖甲扶,地骨青蒿知母草,骨蒸劳热保无虞。 

Bone-Clearing Powder( Qing gu san)

[SOURCE]: Standards of Syndromes and Treatment

[INGREDIENTS]: Stellaria root 5g , Picrorhiza rhizome 3g , Large-leaf gentian root 3g , Fresh-water turtle shell 3g , Wolfberry bark 3g,  Sweet wormwood , Anemarrhena rhizome 3g,  Licorice root 2g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECT]: Abating hectic fever due to deficient heat.

[INDICATIONS]: Consumption syndrome manifested by hectic fever or persis­tent low fever, crimson lip and flushed cheek, emaciation with night sweating, red tongue with less coating, thread and rapid pulse.   

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]:This is a common formula for hectic fever. Being sweet flavor and slight cold nature, stellaria root acts as the main herb to clear a- way the deficient heat. As the assistant herbs, anemarrhena rhizome is to nourish yin for moistening dryness as well as clearing away the deficient fire in the lung and kidney;picrorhiza rhizome to clear away heat from the blood phase;wolfberry bark to clear away the lung-heat; sweet wormwood and large-leaf gentian root to expel the hidden heat through the exterior. Fresh-water turtle shell is the adju­
vant herb to nourish yin for calming yang as well as to guiding herbs to the yin phase. Licorice root acts as the dispatcher herb to harmonize all the components.

Modifications: Adding Chinese angelica root, white peony root and rehmannia for heavier deficiency of blood; adding donkey-hide gelatin, ophiopogon root and schisandra fruit for cough.


Large-leaf Gentian and Turtle Shell Powder (qin jiao bie jia san):

Wolfberry bark 30g, bupleurum root 30g, fresh-water turtle shell 30g, large- leaf gentian root 15g,anemarrhena rhizome 15g, Chinese angelica root 15g, black plum 15g, sweet wormwood 6g.

The above herbs should be decocted in water for oral administration.

Effects: nourishing yin and blood, clearing away heat to abate hectic fever.

Indications: Consumption Syndrome manifested by hectic fever, night sweating, emaciation, crimson lip and flush cheek, lassitude, cough, tidal fever in afternoon, thread and rapid pulse.


Chinese Angelica and Six yellow Herbs Decoction dang gui liu huang tang

[SOURCE]: Secret Records of the Orchid Chamber

[INGREDIENTS]:Chinese angelica root 12g,  Rehmannia root 12g,  Prepared rehmannia root 12g,  Coptis root 12g,  Scutellaria root 12g,  Phelodendron bark 12g,  Astragalus root 24g

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Nourishing yin and clearing away heat, consolidating the exterior to stop sweating.

[INDICATIONS] Heat syndrome with yin deficiency manifested by fever, night sweating, hectic cheek, vexation, dryness of mouth and lips, constipation and dark urine, red tongue, rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a common formula for night sweating due to yin deficiency. Chinese angelica root, rehmannia root and prepared rehmannia root act as the main herbs to nourish yin and blood and to tonify the liver and kidney. As the assistant herbs, coptis roots, cutellaria root and phellodendron bark ran clear away heat an purge fire to preserve yin and relieve vexation. Astragalus root is the adjuvant herb to reinforce qi and consolidate the exterior for stopping sweating.

Because this formula has a powerful effects on nourishing yin and purging nre, it is not advisable to be applied to the cases with deficiency of the spleen and stomach.


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