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Qing qi hud tan wan(Qi-Clearing and Phlegm-Resolving Pills) ---清气化痰丸

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【组成】  陈皮(6g)  杏仁(6g)  枳实(6g)  黄芩(6g)  瓜蒌仁(6g)  茯苓(6g)  胆南星(9g)  制半夏(9g)
【功用】  清热化痰,理气止咳。
【主治】  痰热咳嗽。痰稠色黄,咯之不爽,胸膈痞闷,甚则气急呕恶,舌质红,苔黄腻,脉滑数。
【歌诀】  清气化痰星夏橘,杏仁枳实瓜蒌实,芩苓姜汁糊为丸,气顺火消痰自失。
Qi-Clearing and Phlegm-Resolving Pills qing qi hud tan wan

[SOURCE]:Textual Research on Medical Formulae

[INGREDIENTS]: Trichosanthes seeds 6g,  Tangerine peel 6g,  Scutellaria root (parched with wine) 6g,  Apricot kernel 6g,  Unripened bitter orange (stir-baking with wheat bran) 6g,  Poria 6g,  Arisaema with bile 9g,  Pinellia tuber 9g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the above herbs into fine powder and then mix it with ginger juice to make into pills. Take 6 to 9 gram each time with warm boiled wa­ter. If the herbs are used in the form of decoction, the dose should be adjusted in proportionally.

[EFFECTS]: Clearing away heat and resoving phlegm, regulating qi and stopping cough.

[INDICATIONS]: Accumulation of hplegm and heat marked by cough with' thick yellow phlegm, difficulty in expectoration, stuffy chest, rapid breath, asth­ma, scanty dark urine, red tongue, yellow greasy coating and slippery and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is a common formula for treatment of heat- phlegm syndrome. Arisaema with bile being bitter flavor and cold property and ef­fective in clearing away heat and resoving phlegm as principal herb is indicated for accumulation of thick phlegm and excess-fire. Functioning as assistant herbs, scutellaria root and trichosanthes seed lower the lung-qi, resolve heat-phlegm and increase the effect of the principal herb; unripened bitter orange and tangerine peel lower qi and relieve stuffiness, clear phlegm accumulation. Poria strengthens the spleen and excretes dampness; apricot kernel disperses the lung-qi; pinellia tuber dries dampness and resolves phlegm, they are used together as adjuvant herbs. All the herbs in the formula make common efforts in clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, regulating qi and arresting cough so that heat is cleared away, fire low­ered, qi flowed smoothly, phlegm cleared thus all the symptoms will be cured.

This formula is used for Pneumonia, chronic bronchitis manifested as syn­drome of accumulation of phlegm-heat

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