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Qing shu yi qi tang (Summer-Heat-Clearing&Qi-Tonifying Decoction)---清暑益气汤

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【组成】  西洋参(5g)  石斛(15g) 麦冬(9g)  黄连(3g)  竹叶(6g)  荷梗(6g)  知母(6g)  甘草(3g)  粳米(15g)  西瓜翠衣(30g)
【功用】  清暑益气,养阴生津。
【主治】  暑热气津两伤证。身热汗多,口渴心烦,小便短赤,体倦少气,精神不振,脉虚数。
【歌诀】  王氏清暑益气汤,善治中暑气阴伤,洋参冬斛荷瓜翠,连竹知母甘梗襄。

Summer-Heat-Clearing and Qi-Tonifying Decoction (Qing shu yi qi tang)

[SOURCE]: Compendium on Warm Diseases

[INGREDIENTS]: American ginseng 5g, Dendrobium stem 15g, Ophiopogon root 9g, Coptis root 3g, Bamboo leaf 6g, Lotus petiole 15g,  Anemarrhena rhizome 6g , Licorice root 3g,  Round-Grained rice 15 , Watermelon endocarp 30g

[DIRECTIONS]: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[ EFFECTS] Clearing away summer-heat and reinforcoing qi, nourishing yin for promoting generation of body fluid.

[INDICATIONS]: Attack of summer-heat with injury of both qi and body fluid manifested by fever, profuse sweating, vexation, thirst, scanty dark urine, short­ness of breath, fatigue with tired mind, feeble and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This is a common formula for summer-heat inju­ring qi and body fluid. Being sweet flavor and cool natuer, American ginseng can tonify qi and promote generation of body fluid as well as nourishing yin; watermel­on endocarp can clear away summer-heat and induce diuresis as well as promote generation of body fluid for quenching thirst. They both act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, lotus petiole clears summer-heat and dampness; dendrobium stem and ophiopogon root help American ginseng nourish yin for clearing away heat. As the adjuvant herbs, coptis root and bamboo leaf can purge fire and clear the heart to assist in relieving the exterior; anemarrhena rhizome is to nourish yin for lowering fire. Licorice root and round-grained rice act as the dispatcher herbs to strengthen the stomach and harmonize the middle.

This formula includes some more greasy herbs for nourishing yin, so it is not advisable to be applied to summer-heat diseases accompanied by dampness.

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