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Qing ying tang(Decoction for Clearing Ying-Stage )---清营汤

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【组成】  水牛角(30g) 生地黄(15g)  元参(9g)  竹叶心(3g)  麦冬(9g)  丹参(6g)  黄连(5g)  银花(9g)  连翘(6g)
【功用】 清营解毒,透热养阴。
【主治】  热入营分证身热夜甚,神烦少寐,时有谵语,目常喜开或喜闭,口渴或不渴,斑疹隐隐,脉数,舌绛而干。
【歌诀】  清营汤是鞠通方,热入心包营血伤,角地银翘玄连竹,丹麦清热佐之良。

Decoction for Clearing Ying-Stage (qing ying tang)

SOURCE: Differentiation on Warm Diseases Item by Item

 【INGREDIENTS】:Rhinoceros horn 2g, Rehmannia root 15g, Scrophularia root 9g ,Bamboo leaf 3g ,Ophiopogon root 9g, Red sage root 6g, Coptis root 5g, Honeysuckle flower 9g ,Forsythia fruit 6g

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】:Clearing the nutrient stage and dispelling heat, nourishing yin and activating blood.

【INDICATIONS】: Heat entering the nutrient stage manifested by fever aggra­vated at night, vexation and insomnia, occasional delirium, opening or closing eyes, thirst or without thirst, obscure macule and papule, thread rapid pulse, crim­son and dry tongue.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: This is a representative formula for treating heat in the nutrient stage. Being salt flavor and cold nature, rhinoceros horn can clear the nutrient stage and poison and cool blood for dissipating stasis as well as clear­ing the heart for calming mind;being sweet flavor and cold nature, rehmannia root can clear the nutrient stage for cooling blood and nourish yin for promoting gener­ation of body fluid. Both of them act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, scrophularia root and ophiopogon root clear heat and nourish yin. As the adjuvant herbs, coptis root clears the heart-fire; bamboo leaf clear the heart for relieving vexation; honeysuckle flower and forsythia fruit clear heat and poison. They can help the main herbs dispel heat through the qi stage. Red sage root activates blood and dissipates stasis to prevent coagulation of blood and heat.

In the present clinic, this formula is often applied to epidemic encephalitis Bepidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, hematosepsis and cerebrovascular accident with the abovementioned symptoms.

Buffalo horn 30 to 60g is used in place of rhinoceros horn in present clinic.


Palace-Clearing Decoction (qing gong tang)(Differentiation on Warm Dis­ease Item by Item):

Scrophularia root 9g, lotus seed 2g,bamboo leaf 6g, forsythia fruit 6g, rhinoc­eros horn 25g,ophiopogon root 9g.

The above herbs should be decocted in water for oral administration.

【Effects】 clearing heart to expel poison, nourishing yin to promote generation of body fluid. Indications: evil sinking into the pericardium due to erroneously application of dia­phoresis for the warm diseases manifested by fever with coma or delirium.

NoTES: This formula stresses on treating the light case of coma and delirium due to heat sinking into pericardium while Decoction for Clearing Ying-Stage stresses on clearing away heat in the nutrient phase.

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