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Qing zao jiu fei tang(Dryness-Clearing and Lung-Rescuing Decoction)---清燥救肺汤

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【组成】  桑叶(9g)  石膏(煅,8g)  甘草(3g)  人参(2g)  胡麻仁(3g)  阿胶(3g)  麦门冬(4g)  杏仁(2g)  枇杷叶(3g)
【功用】  清燥润肺。
【主治】  温燥伤肺证。头痛身热,干咳无痰,气逆而喘,咽喉干燥口渴鼻燥,胸膈满闷,舌干少苔,脉虚大而数。
【歌诀】  清燥救肺参草杷,石膏胶杏麦胡麻, 经霜收下冬桑叶,清燥救肺效可夸。

Dryness-Clearing and Lung-Rescuing Decoction qing zao jiu fei tang

[SOURCE]: Principles for Medical Professions

[INGREDIENTS]: Mulberry leaf 9g ,  Gypsum 7. 5g,  Ginseng 2g,   Licorice 3g ,  Hemp seed 3g,   Donkey-hide gelatin 2. 4g ,  Ophiopogon root 3. 6g,   Bitter apricot kernel 2g,   Loquat leaf 3g             

[DIRECTIONS]:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

[EFFECTS]:Clearing away dryness and moistening the lung. 

[INDICATIONS]: Injury of the lung due to the warm-dryness manifested by headache, fever, cough without expectoration, asthma, dry throat and nose, stuffy chest and hypochondriac pain, vexation, thirst, dry tongue without coating, feeble, large and rapid pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:] This is a common formula for treating the dry-heat injuring the lung. Mulberry leaf, as the main herb, can dispel the lung-dry­ness. Gypsum and ophiopogon root, as the assistant herbs, can not only clear away heat from the Lung Meridian but also moisten the lung. Thus, clearing is con­tained in dispelling while moistening is contained in clearing. All the others are the adjuvant herbs. Bitter apricot kernel and loquat leaf are to soothe the lung-qi; don­key-hide gelatin and hemp seed to moisten the lung and to nourish yin; ginseng and licorice to reinforce qi and to harmonize the middle. If sputum is abundant and it is hard to be expectorated, then fritillary bulb and trichosanthes fruit should be added to moisten the lung and resolve the phlegm.

Both this formula and Mulberry and Apricot decoction are used to treat the warm-dryness injuring the lung. But there is difference between them. The dry- heat in syndrome pertaining to Mulberry and Apricot Decoction is lighter, and symptoms are characterized by slight fever and cough;

while the dry-heat in syn­drome pertaining to Dryness-Clearing and Lung-Rescuing Decoction is heavier, and symptoms are marked by higher fever, frequent cough, or asthma, distending pain of chest and hypochondrium, vexation, thirst, dry and sore throat. So, Mul­berry and Apricot Decoction is mainly to dispel the lung-dryness and moisten the lung while Dryness-Clearing and Lung-Rescuing Decoction stresses on both dis­persing the lung and nourishing yin.                      *

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