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Rhinoceros Horn&Rehmannia Decoction (Xi jiao di huang tang)---犀角地黄汤

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【组成】  水牛角(3g)  生地黄(24g)  芍药(12g)  牡丹皮(9g)
【功用】  清热解毒,凉血散瘀。
【主治】  (1)热入血分证。身热谵语,斑色紫黑,舌绛起刺,脉细数,或喜忘如狂,漱水不欲咽,大便色黑易解等。(2)热伤血络证。吐血衄血便血尿血等,舌红绛,脉数。
【歌诀】  犀角地黄芍药丹,血热妄行吐衄斑,蓄血发狂舌质绛,凉血散瘀病可痊。

Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Decoction (Xi jiao di huang tang)

【SOURCE】: Essential formulae Worth A Thousand Gold for Emergency INGREDIENTS:

Rhinoceros horn 1. 53g , Rehmannia root 30g,  red peony root 12g,  Moutan bark 9g

【DIRECTIONS】: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】: Clearing heat and poison, cooling blood and dissipating stasis.

【INDICATIONS】: Syndromes of heat in the blood phase

(1)       Heat damaging blood vessels manifested by hemoptysis, epistaxis, hemafecia, hematuria, etc.;

(2)       Blood stagnation or old stasis manifested by forgetfulness mania, with water in mouth but no desire to swallow it, pain of chest, abdominal distention, dark smooth stool;

(3)       Heat disturbing the nutrient stage manifested by coma, mania or delirim, dark purple macule, crimson tongue with prickle-like coating.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: This is a representative formula for heat in the blood stage. Being salt flavor and cold nature, rhinoceros horn can clear the nutri­ent stage and cool blood as well as clearing the heart for relieving poison ;rehmania root can clear heat and cool blood as well to nourish yin for promoting genera­tion of body fluid. They act as the main herbs. Red peony root and moutan bark can strengthen the power of clearing heat and cooling blood, and prevent stagna­tion of blood. They both act as the assistant and adjuvant herbs.

In the presant clinic, this formula is used to treat acute yellow atrophy, liver necrosis, urinaemia, purpura, acute leukemia, aplastic anemia, hematosepsis with symptoms of high fever and bleeding.


Antipyretic and Antitoxic Decoction (qing wen bai du yin)(A View of Pesrilent Rashes):                                                                                                                                      

Gypsu 180 240g (large dosage)60 120g (mild dosage)24 36g ( small dosage)rehmannia root 18 30g(large dosage) , 9 ~ 15g ( mild dosage)612g (small dosage) , rhinoceros horn 1824g(large dosage)915g(mild dosage) , 6 12g(small dosage)coptis root 1218g(large dosage)612g(mild dosage)3 4. 5g ( small dosage ), capejasmine fruit, platycodon root, scutellaria root, anemarrhena rhizome, red peony root, scrophularia root, forsythia fruit, licorice root, moutan bark, bamboo leaf (proper dosage according to particular conditions)

The gypsum should be decocted in water to the boiling point for several doz­ens of times before it is mixed and re-decocted with other herbs.

【 Effects】: clearing heat and poison, cooling blood for preserving yin.

Endications various syndromes of fire or heat manifested by high fever, vexation, thirst with desire of drinking, retching, severe headache, coma, mania, delirium, or macule, hemoptysis, epistax­is, crimson tongue with chapped lips, deep, thread and rapid pulse, or deep rapid pulse, or floating, large and rapid pulse.

NOTES:This formula is a modification of Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Decoction, White Tiger Decoction and Coptis Decoction for treating syndromes due to spread of heat poison and intense heat in both qi and blood stages.

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