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San ren tang (Three Kinds of Kernels Decoction) ---三仁汤

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【组成】  杏仁(12g)  飞滑石(18g)  白通草(6g)  白蔻仁(6g)  竹叶(6g)  厚朴(6g)  生薏苡仁(18g)  半夏(10g)
【功用】  宣畅气机,清利湿热。
【主治】  湿温初起及暑温夹湿。头痛恶寒身重疼痛,面色淡黄,胸闷不饥,午后身热,苔白不渴,脉弦细而濡。
【歌诀】  三仁汤蔻薏苡仁,朴夏白通滑竹伦,水用甘澜扬百遍,湿温初起法堪尊。

Three Kinds of Kernels Decoction san ren tang 

[SOURCE]:Treatise on Differentiation and Treatment of Warm-Diseases

[INGREDIENTS]:  Apricot kernel lOg ,  Talc 18g,   Rice-paper pith 6g ,  Pound cardamon seed 6g,   Lophatherum 6g,   Magnolia bark 6g ,  Coix seeds 18g,   Pinellia tuber lOg

[DIRECITONS]: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.

[ EFFECTS:] Promoting the functional activities of qi, clearing away heat and excreting dampness. 

[INDICATIONS]: Initial stage of damp-heat disease or febrile disease due to summer-heat with dampness which cause accumulation of the evil-qi in the qi phase marked by headache, aversion to cold, pain and fatigue, slight yellow com­plexion, oppressive fullness of the chest, poor appetite, afternoon fever, dry mouth without a desire to drink, white and greasy tongue coating, taut, thready and soft pulse.

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: This formula is used for the first stage of damp- heat disease which causes accumulation of the evil-qi in the qi phase when damp­ness is greater than heat. Apricot kernel soothes the lung-qi to regulate the upper source of water. Round cardamon seed activates qi, resolves dampness and strengthens the middle-jiao. Coix seed being sweet and tasteless in flavor and cold in property, excretes damp-heat to clear the lower-jiao. These three herbs are used together as principal herbs to make the triple-jzao unobstructed and damp- heat separated. Pinellia tuber and magnolia bark strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, activate qi and relieve fullness of the abdomen. Talc, rice-paper pith and lophatherum clear heat and excrete dampness, they are used together as assistant and adjuvant herbs.

Today this formula is often used to treat the above syndrome with more dampness than heat involved in acute gastroenteritis, acute hepatitis, influenza, py­elitis, typhoid fever and others.

For treatments of the above syndrome, Treatise on Differentiation and Treat­ment of Warm-Diseases pointed out the following admonitions The first, it is not allowed to be sweated, as “diaphoresis may lead to unconsciousness, deafness, or closed eyes and dislikeness of speaking. The second, it is inadvisable to purge, as “purgation may cause severe diarrhea” The third, it is inadvisable to nourish, as “nourishment may prolong the coure of the disease. All of these are liant expositions.

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