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Sang biao xiao san (Mantis Egg-case Powder) ---桑螵蛸散

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【组成】  桑螵蛸(9g)  远志(6g)  菖蒲(6g)  龙骨(15g)  人参(9g) 茯神(12g) 当归(9g)  龟甲(酥炙,15g)
【功用】 调补心肾,涩精止遗。
【主治】  心肾两虚证。小便频数,或尿如米泔色,或遗尿遗精,心神恍惚,健忘,舌淡苔白,脉细弱。
【歌诀】  桑螺蛸散治便数,参苓龙骨同龟壳,菖蒲远志当归入,补肾宁心健忘却。
Mantis Egg-case Powder sang biao xiao san   

S[OURCE]: Amplified Exposition of Materia Medica

[INGREDIENTS]: Mantis egg-case 30g,  Polygala root 30g,  Grassleaved Sweetflag rhizome 30g,  Dragon bone 30g,  Ginseng 30g,  Poria with hostwood 30g,  Chinese angelica root 30g,  Tortoise plastron(vinegar-fired) 30g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the herbs into granules. Take 6 grams of granules be­fore going to bed after being mixed with ginseng decoction or pilaose asiabell root decoction. Or decoct all herbs in water for oral administration, with the dosage re­duced proportionally.

[EFFECTS] Regulating and tonifying the heart and kidney, consolidating the essence to halt emission and enuresis.

 [INDICATIONS]: Deficiency of both the heart and kidney and' loss of control­ling function of the urinary bladder marked as frequent urination, or milky urine, absent-mindedness, amnesia, dreaminess, or enuresis, emission, pale tongue with white coating, and thready and feeble pulse. 

[ANALYSIS OF FORMULA]: It is used for insufficiency of both the heart and kidney manifested by frequent urination of enuresis, and seminal emission. Mantis egg-case with sweet flavor and cold property in the formula enters the kidney, and has the effects tonifying the kidney to consolidate the essence and to halt emission and enuresis with astringency. It is the principal herb. Dragon bone and tortoise plastron are assistnat herbs. The former consolidates the vital essence and tranquilizes the mind, and the latter nourishes blood and yin, replenishes the kidney and liver. Ginseng and Chinese angelica root tonify both qi and blood to restore the source of growth and transformation. Poria with hostwood nourishes the heart and tranquilizes the mind. Grassleaved sweetflag rhizome and polygala harmonize the heart and kidney. They work together as adjuvant and dispatcher herbs.

This formula has the effects of tonifying the kidney, consolidating the vital essence, nourishing the heart, tranquilizing the mind, harmonizing the heart and kidney, and replenishing qi and blood. It is suitable for insufficiency of the heart and kidney manifested by frequent urination due to deficiency-heat, or enuresis and emission. It is contraindicated in syndrome with frequent urination, scanty hot urine, dribbling urination due to fire-exuberance in the lower-jiao, or frequent uri­nation and enuresis caused by yang deficiency of the spleen and kidney.

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