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SangPiaoXiao (Egg Capsule of Mantid)---桑螵蛸

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It is dried ovum sheath of Tenodera sinensis Saussure, Statilia maculate (Thunberg), or Hierodula patellifera (Serville), family Mantidae. It is get accustomed to call “Tuan-Piaoxiao”, “Chang-Piaoxiao”, and “Hei-Piaoxiao” separately. It can be collected from late autumn to spring. The ovum is killed in boiling water, or it is steamed and dried in the sunshine for medicine.

Medicinal Properties: Sweet, salty and neutral; relate to liver and kidney meridians.

Medicinal Efficacies: Benefit kidney and astringe essence; reduce the frequency of urination to stop turbidity.

Clinical Applications:

  1. Impotence, emission, spermatorrhoea     In treating impotence due to kidney deficiency, it is often used with Lurong and Roucongrong. In treating emission and spermatorrhoea due to kidney deficiency, it is often used together with longgu and Wuweizi.

      2. Enuresis and frequent urination, white turbidity    In treating infantile enuresis, it can be used alone, taken with rice water; in treating confuse mind, frequent urination, enuresis, and white turbidity, it is often used together with Yuanzhi and Longgu, such as in the formula Sangpiaoxiao Powder.

Usage and Dosage: 6-10g is used for oral use.

Precautions: It has the function of assisting yang and astringing, therefore, it is contraindicated for patients manifesting frequent urination due to to deficiency of yin leading to hyperactivity of fire and damp-heat in bladder.

桑螵蛸为螳螂科昆虫大刀螂Tenodera sinensis Saussure 小刀螂Statilia maculata (Thunberg)或巨斧螳螂Hierodula patellifera(Serville)的卵鞘。分别习称“团螵蛸”、“长螵蛸”及 “黑螵蛸”。全国大部分地区均产。深秋至次春采收。置沸水浸杀其卵,或蒸透晒干用。

       【药性】甘、咸,平。归肝、肾经 。        【功效】固精缩尿,补肾助阳。       
 【应用】        1.遗精滑精,遗尿尿频,白浊。本品甘能补益,咸以入肾,性收敛。能补肾气,固精关,缩小便。为治疗肾虚不固之遗精滑精、遗尿尿频、白浊之良药。治肾虚遗精、滑精, 常与龙骨、五味子、制附子等同用,如桑螵蛸丸(《世医得效方》);治小儿遗尿,可单用为末,米汤送服;治心神恍惚,小便频数,遗尿,白浊,可与远志、龙骨、石菖蒲等配伍,如桑螵蛸散(《本草衍义》)。       
【用法用量】煎服,6~10g。        【使用注意】本品助阳固涩,故阴虚多火,膀胱有热而小便频数者忌用。       
【古籍摘要】        1.《神农本草经》:“主伤中、疝瘕、阴痿,益精生子,女子血闭腰痛,通五淋,利小便水道”。       
2.《名医别录》:“疗男子虚损,五脏气微,梦寐失精,遗溺。”        3.《本经逢原》:“肝肾命门药也,功专收涩,故男子虚损,肾衰阳痿、梦中失精遗溺白浊方多用之。”       
【现代研究】        1.化学成分: 含蛋白质、脂肪、粗纤维,并有铁、钙、及胡萝卜素样的色素。另外,团螵蛸外层与内层均含有17种氨基酸,7种磷脂成分。       
2.药理作用: 经药理试验证明,本药具有轻微抗利尿及敛汗作用,其作用机制有待进一步研究。另有报道,本药还具有促进消化液分泌;降低血糖、血脂及抑制癌症作用。       

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