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Shen qi wan(Kidney-Qi Bolus(Pills)) ---肾气丸

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【组成】  干地黄(24g)  山药(12g)  山茱萸(12g)  泽泻(9g)  茯苓(9g)  牡丹皮(9g)  桂枝(3g)  附子(3g)
【功用】  补肾助阳。
【主治】  肾阳不足证。腰痛脚软,身半以下常有冷感,少腹拘急,小便不利,或小便反多,入夜尤甚,阳痿早泄,舌淡而胖,脉虚弱,尺部沉细,以及痰饮,水肿,消渴,脚气,转胞等。
【歌诀】  金匮肾气治肾虚,熟地淮药及山萸,丹皮苓泽加桂附,引火归原热下趋。

Kidney-Qi Bolus(Pills) shen qi wan

[SOURCE]: Synopsis of the Golden Chamber

[INGREDIENTS:] Dried rehmannia root 240g,  Chinese yam 120g,  Dowgood fruit 120g,  Oriental water plantain 90g, Poria 90g,  Moutan bark 90g,  Cinnamon twig 30g,  Prepared aconite root( stire-baked) 30g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind herbs into fine powder and then mix them with honey to make into boluses weighing 9g each. Take one bolus with warm boiled water, twice a day. Or decoct the herbs in water, each dosage being correspondingly re­duced.

[EFFECTS]: Warming and tonifying the kidney-yang.

[INDICATIONS]: Insufficiency of the kidney-yang manifested by lumbago and weakness of legs, feeling cold in the lower body, tight of the lower abdomen, dysuria or polyuria, bulgy and pale tongue with thin white coating, deep and thready pulse in chi region, beriberi, phlegm-retention, consumptivee thirst, prolopse of bladder, etc.

ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a representative formula for insufficiency of the kidney-yang. Of all the ingredients in the recipe, the first herb is the principal herb with the effect of tonifying the kidney-yin, and the second and third herbs are used to replenish the liver and invigorate the spleen. Prepared aconite root is pun­gent and sweet in flavor and hot in property, has the effects of restoring yang, dis­pelling cold and removing dampness, while cinnamon twig warms the meridians and activates the vessels. These two small dosed herbs are used to slightly engen­der the fire, which means to promote growth of the kidney-qi. Poria excretes dampness and strengthens the spleen. Oriental water plantain clears and regulates the water passage. Moutan bark clears the liver-fire. The combination of all herbs results in getting yang from yin, avoiding dryness from warm herbs and greasiness from tonification.

Similarly, the above syndrome in chronic nephritis, neuro-asthenia, diabetes, hypothyiroidism, chronic bronchial asthma can be treated with the modified reci­pe.


(1)      Life-Preserving Kidney-Qi Pills (ji sheng shen qi wan)---济生肾气丸Original name is Modified Kidney-Qi Pills)

SOURCE: Life-Preserving Formulae INGREDIENTS:

Prepared rhizome of rehmannia 15g ,  Bark of Chinese cassia tree 15g ,  Cyathula root 15g ,  Chinese yam(parched) 30g ,  Dowgood fruit 30g,   Oriental water plantain 30g,   Poria 30g ,  Moutan bark 30g,  Plantain seed(steamed in rice wine) 30g ,  Prepared aconite root (stir-baked at high temperature) 15g

[DIRECTIONS]: Grind the herbs into very fine powder and then mix them with honey to make into pills as big as the seed of Chinese parasol for oral admin­istration of 7 pills each time before meal 

[EFFECTS]: Warming and tonifying the kidney-yang, inducing diuresis to re­duce edema. 

[INDICATIONS]: Insufficiency of the kidney-yang with symptoms of tired waist, ankle edema, dysuria. 

(2)      Ten Tonic Herbs Pills (shi bu wan) ---十补丸

SOURCE: Life-Preserving Formulae

【INGREDIENTS】: Prepared aconite root(stir-baked) 60g S,  chisandra fruit 60g,   Dowgood fruit 30g ,  Chinese yam(parched) 30g ,  Moutan bark 30g , Pilose antler (Remove hair, steamed in rice wine) 30g , Prepared rhizome of rehmannia(steamed in rice wine) 30g , Cinnamon bark 30g, White poria 30g , Oriental water plantain 30g 

[DIRECTION]. Grind all herbs into fine powder then mix with honey to make into pills as big as the seed of Chinese parasol for oral adminisration of 70 pills each time with salty water or rice wine before meal.

 [EFFECTS]: Warming and tonifying the kidney-yang.     

[INDICATIONS]: Insufficiency of the kidney-qi manifested by blackish com­plexion, cold feet, ankle edema, tinnitus and deafness, emaciation, weak and tired waist and kness, dysuria, and back pain.





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