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Sheng ma ge gen tang(Cimicifuga & Pueraria Decoction)---升麻葛根汤

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【组成】  升麻(10g) 葛根(10g)  芍药(6g)  炙甘草(3g)
【功用】  解肌透疹。
【主治】  麻疹初起。疹出不透,身热头痛咳嗽目赤流泪,口渴,舌红,脉数。
【歌诀】  阎氏升麻葛根汤,芍药甘草合成方,麻疹初期发不透,解肌透疹此为良。

 Sheng ma ge gen tang(Cimicifuga and Pueraria Decoction)


  Cimicifuga rhizome 3g, Pueraria root 3g,  Red peony root 3g , Roasted licorice 3g

【DIRECTIONS】:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.

【EFFECTS】:Relieving muscles and promoting eruption.

【INDICATIONS】: The beginning of measles marked by absence of rashes or with incomplete eruption, fever and headache.

【ANALYSIS OF FORMULA】: As the main herbs, cimicifuga rhizome, with pun­gent and sweet flavors and cool nature, acting on the lung and stomach, is good at relieving muscles and promoting eruption as well as clearing away heat to relieve the exterior; pueraria root, with pungent and sweet flavors and neutral nature, act­ing on the stomach, is to relieve muscles and to promote eruption as well as to promote production of body fluid for quenching thirst. The combination of these two herbs can expel the measles poison through skin and interstitial space. Red peony root acts as the adjuvant herb to cool blood and to dissipate stasis. As the dispatcher herb, licorice root can harmonize all components of the formula and tonify qi to relieve the exterior.


Poison-Dispelling and Exterior-Relieving Decoction (xuan du fa biao tang宣毒发表汤)Peaceful Records of Smallpox and Rash):

Cimicifuga rhizome 3g,pueraria root 3g, peucedanum root 5g, bitter apricot kernel 6g, platycodon root 3g, bitter orange 3g, schizonepeta 3g, ledebouriella root 3g,peppermint 3g, akebia stem 3g, forsythia fruit 3g, arctium fruit 5g, lophatherum 2g, licorice root 2g.

The above herbs should be decocted in water for oral administration. Effects: relieving the exterior for promoting eruption, soothing throat for relieving cough. Indications:early stage of measles marked by incomplete eruption.

NOTES:This formula is composed of Cimicifuga and Pueraria Decoction by removing red peony root and adding of other herbs. Schizonepeta, ledebouriella root, arctium fruit and peppermint relieve muscles and promote eruption. Bitter jrange, platycodon root, bitter apricot kernel and peucedanum root resolve phlegm :or relieving cough. Forsythia fruit and lophatherum can clear heat to relieve fidget. Akebia stem induces heat downwards. So this formula is stronger in dispersing The lung, opening the exterior, clearing heat and poison.

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